Hockey Tape

The Best Hockey Tape is Designed with Premium Friction!

The World’s Best Hockey Tape is Designed & Developed to be Thin with Performance Benefits that are Unmatched by the Competition! 

Represent with your team colors!

Hockey Tape Features:

  • American Made Hockey Tape 🇺🇸 !
  • The Best Hockey Tape to Focus on Increased Friction!
    • Increased Friction comes from GRIPPY!
    • No more Sticky or Tacky Alternatives!
    • Your Hockey Stick Grip Wrap Leave Residue!
  • Thin and Similar to Other Stick Tapes!
  • Can be Wrapped Multiple Ways!
    • With an Overlap to Create Texture!
    • With an Edge to Edge, Smooth Approach!
    • Over Existing Hockey Tape or Hockey Grip Tape!
  • The 1st Only Reusable Hockey Stick Grip!

Premium Friction gives players OPTIMUM GRIP to play with OPTIMUM CONFIDENCE!

VUK is the Only Company Focusing on Providing Optimum Grip with Optimum Confidence Every Second you are on the Rink! 

Stop Searching for that Extra Bit of Confidence! Choose to Play Better!

Helpful Tips to Wrap a Hockey Stick

Hockey Sticks come in similar shapes and sizes! Our Thin Hockey Tape makes it easy to wrap any stick! 

Be sure to check out all of our tips and tricks that can be used to wrap any hockey stick!

Wrapping Tips and Tricks for Stick Tape!

Be Sure to Use Your Thumbs When Applying!

Do Not Pull Tight or Over Stretch!

Use your thumb to slightly stretch as you lay it on

Remove the Liner as You Apply!

If  you have time or would like to see our How to Wrap a Hockey Stick video on our website, just click here! We also YouTube Videos that can help! Be sure to head there by clicking here! Also, we understand that all tapes are different! With that being said, be sure to take a peek at the instructions inside of the packaging as a refresher! We did our best to go into great details and by providing easy to see pictures! So, just take a deep breathe, take your time, and know that you can do it!