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  • VukGripz Black Bat Grip Tape with White VukGripz logos bat tape
  • VukGripz Black Bat Grip Tape with White VukGripz logos bat tape
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Black Bat Grip Tape with White

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Black Bat Grip Tape with White Designs

What makes black bat grip tape stand out?

It takes a very special product to stand out against products like Lizard Skin Bat Tape, Marucci Baseball Bat Grips, and Vulcan Bat Wraps! Also, how sexy can black bat grip tape really get? So, VukGripz developed the most original and unique product in the market! It is the first product in the world that is 100% different from the rest! So unique, that this product earned "Best of Show" at the 2017 World's Largest Baseball Convention (The ABCA)! And, it was used in MLB Games within it's first year of being sold by OAK OF, Stephen Piscotty! Bat tape was the same thing has hockey tape or athletic tape. Batting Grips and Bat Wraps were the new technology that hit the baseball and softball world over 8 years ago. Those became an alternative that most players turned to for a better grip.

What makes it different than others?

The only thing is that the new bat wraps were basically a better version of what came on a metal bat. So, the grip enhancement came from sticky, tacky coating on the top of the grip. It feels good fresh out of the package. But, after light use, that sticky, tacky top layer wears out and now becomes a slippery, piece of leather. In order to increase your grip, after you already paid $10.00+ for the "best bat grip" out there, you are searching for pine tar, tiger stick or bat spray adhesive. Now, you have to apply a liquid to your baseball bat grip, or even softball bat grip tape, to hold onto it. Plus, you are breaking down the batting tape with those alternatives! And, those alternatives don't work unless it is dry out! Thankfully, with VukGripz, that is not the case!

To learn more about our bat grips, head to our Bat Tape Page! If you want to unbelievable performance from our bat grip tape on YouTube, Click Here to see our Vaseline Test with our batting gloves!

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Scott Schonover
Son thinks it's the best grip ever

I've been purchasing Vukgripz for my son's bats for the past 4 seasons. He likes his grip thin and Vukgripz was the first one we found to be thin, but comfortable at the same time. The product is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Adriel Vazquez
The best grip in the game

This is seriously wayy batter then lizard skin and it feels way more better on your hands! 10/10 experience!:)

Zack Freedman-Lloyd
Unique Bat grip

Unlike any bat grip I’ve used before.
Very high quality and provides a unique feel.
Saw videos of using the grip in the rain/ wet and the video is true. Played a game in the rain and was very confident with the grip.

Peter Vidulich
Best bat grip

My son uses these for travel all summer absolutely loves them.

Ted Lauck
Best in the business!!!!!

Don’t waste your money on other grips. Hands down the best product available.