How to Wrap a Bat

Wrapping a Bat with the Best Bat Grip in the World! 

We want to go above and beyond when it comes to educating wrappers, players, coaches and parents on our Award-Winning bat grips! We know that our Bat Tape is extremely different! So, those first one or two times can be a little tricky compared to other batting grips if wrappers do not follow our tips and tricks! Please be sure to pay attention to:

  • Be sure to clean off your handle of any old adhesive, stickers, dirt, pine tar, etc, so VUK can stick directly to the bat handle.
    • If the handle is not cleaned properly of all existing products, it could affect how a new batting tape would adhere to the handle.
    • We suggest using a paint scrapper;
    • Or, we have seen people use liquid cleaners to remove unwanted debris from the handle.
      • PLEASE NOTE: be sure all liquid cleaners have dried and are non-existent on the handle. If any is left behind, it could affect how a new bat tape will stick to the handle. Please double-check!
  • Installation Hand Positioning Technique
    • VUK installation hand position is much different than other techniques. Keep both hands as close to the handle as possible! As a reference point, your thumbs should almost be touching during the entire wrapping process.
      • **Alternative Bat Grips will have your installing/applying hand several inches away from the handle. This is opposite of Vuk Bat Tape. 
    • Adding Tension/Applying Pressure/Stretching VUK needs to be done where the grip is being applied/stuck to the bat. This can be done using your thumbs with proper hand position.
      • ***Alternative Bat Tape techniques will have wrappers pull tight and overstretch those batting grips to apply. The tension/stretch happens in the middle of the grip. For VUK, if tension/slight stretch is applied by the thumbs where the grip is being applied, it will prevent the edges from curling. And, this will help the bat wrap lay flat!  
  • Do Not Remove the Bat Grip's backing/liner all at once.
    • Please be sure to use a "stick and peel" approach with our industry leading adhesive! By only removing small sections of the backing, it will keep the grip stiff and it will keep our adhesive covered until you are ready! Basically, only expose the adhesive as you begin to apply the bat wrap the bat! 

How to Wrap a Metal Bat with a Rubber/Plastic Taper:

For METAL BATS with plastic/rubber tapers on the handles: please make sure that all tapers are securely attached to the bat handle. If the taper moves or shifts, it will not be an ideal sticking surface for any bat grip. And, it could lead to problems. To help prevent your bat tape from getting messed up from a bat taper, please use these following steps:
  1. Do not rely on the electrical tape used to hold the taper onto the bat. That type of tape is not only very weak, it is also very slippery/slick for a bat grip to stick on. So, we suggest to just leave it on there and to not remove that piece of tape. Step 2 will instruct what to do!
  2. Take athletic tape (cloth/rough kind; not shiny) and tape over the taper tightly. Be sure to cover any gaps the taper may have and be sure to cover the entire taper with the athletic tape. This includes wrapping a little down the handle to cover any electrical tape and the top of the taper. This will not only help prevent that taper from shifting, but it will also provide a better sticking surface for the bat grip to stick too! Wrappers should do this for any bat grip installation.

How to Wrap a Bat Videos

How to Wrap a Bat with the Overlap Style with Our Bat Grip:

How to Wrap a Bat with the Edge to Edge Style with Our Bat Tape:

How to Wrap a Baseball Bat Knob:

Wrapping a Baseball Bat Knob with a Large Taper and going the Opposite Direction:

How to Wrap a Bat when Reusing the Best Batting Grip in the Game!

VukGripz industry leading bat tape has now proven the reusable feature! We over 8 years of testing, VukGripz has successful moment after moment on reusing our bat tape!

  • Don’t Stretch or Pull!
  • Peel the Grip off the Handle and Let it Dangle!
  • Reapply just like You Wrapped it the First Time!

How to Wrap a Bat with an Axe Handle and our Thin Bat Tape:

How to Wrap an Axe Bat has become a popular question! Check out our video as we demonstrate and provide tips on wrapping your bat tape on an Axe Bat!
  •  Do Not Overstretch or Pull Tight!
  • Use Your Thumbs to Stretch/Lay Flat!
  • Do Not Remove Backing All at Once!
  • Reapply just like You Wrapped it the First Time!

How to Wrap a Bat with a One-Wrap Bat Grip:

No other company in the world has developed a better way to apply a bat grip! Our industry leading technology has allowed us to make an easier way to apply a bat grip! One bat wrap and you are done! The 1st & Only American Made Batting Grips!