How to Wrap a Field Hockey Stick

How to Wrap a Field Hockey Stick with VukGripz Field Hockey Grips

How to Wrap a Field Hockey Sticky with VukGripz Field Hockey Grips is easy with these instructions!
  • Don’t Stretch or Pull Tight!
    • Pulling tight or overstretching the field hockey tape will cause it to fold in and stick to itself! 
  • Use Your Thumbs to Apply/Stretch the Field Hockey Grip!
    • Apply tension as the grip is being stuck to the field hockey stick!
  • Only Remove a Small Section of the Liner at Once!
    • The backing gives the field hockey grip support as you apply it! It also helps cover the strong adhesive we use from sticking to you, your pants or something other than the field hockey stick!

How to Wrap a Field Hockey Stick: Half Stick

How to Wrap a Field Hockey Stick: Full Stick Tips & Tricks

Decide if you want to wrap the HALF A STICK or A FULL STICK

Yes, we did something 100% original and something 100% different than you are use too! You may be thinking that “one roll of VukGripz Field Hockey Grips won’t cover the whole stick?” And, you would be correct! We did this on purpose because VukGripz Field Hockey Grips provide exponentially more friction than any, other alternative! So, we thought that we wanted to make it player friendly! Each player will have the opportunity to just wrap a portion of the their field hockey stick (recommended the top half … Goalies can put it where they hold the stick) or their entire field hockey stick! Why?

Wrapping the Top Half of the Field Hockey Stick

From our research, we found that adding friction where your bottom hand constantly moves, spins and slides may tend to “get in the way” more than it helps some players. It is purely about feel and preference! So, players have the option to purchase just one VukGripz Field Hockey Grip and wrap the top of their stick where the hold onto it the most, along with where they adjust their hands to hit, attach, pass and defend…aka perform! You simply wrap VukGripz over your existing grip! Now, you have your best grip where it counts, added padding to help reduce vibration all  while still being able to use your under grip that provides your same feel for your bottom hand! What is not to like?! Also, if you are a goalie, you can get one field hockey tape and wrap it anywhere on your stick! So, pick the area of your grip that you hold onto the most, wrap VukGripz Field Hockey Grips over it, and proceed to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” with sweat hands, in cold weather, or in those crazy conditions we play in!

Wrapping the Whole Field Hockey Stick

Again, this is purely preference! We have seen a ton of players prefer to wrap their whole field hockey stick to have a consistent feel when they play! It will take two grips to complete this task (don’t worry, we have a great discount)! You will wrap your first grip from the top working down towards the blade. Then, you will take the second grip and overlap the finishing edge to protect it from sliding. You will proceed to wrap the grip like the first one until you reach the end of your under grip (remember: VukGripz goes over your existing field hockey stick grip). A pair of scissors will come in handy, so you can cut the tape diagonally to give yourself a finishing end! Chances are, you will have a good amount of grip left over. So, where you cut the tape diagonally, you will have a new starting edge on the extra piece. If an area seams to be wearing fast than another, you have additional grip to replace it (extra grip length will vary on grip thickness, wrapping technique, etc).  PLUS, a huge bonus that VukGripz offers that most others don’t is that you are able to wrap your stick with different colors!