Bat Grip & Batting Glove Testing

Performance Benefits of our Bat Grips & Batting Gloves:

Our product philosophy is called "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter!" Our goal as a company is to get the most out of a player's muscles! Player's must train hard and workout in order to get stronger to perfect their craft! But, in order to maximize your potential, you must get the most output from your muscles! In order to do that, your grip must be at the top of its game 100% of the time! During a swing, there is a thing called "natural slip." The natural slip is a small shift or adjustment in their hands during the swing. This hand movement is loss of energy. Losing energy during the swing will result in less power, control and consistency! 

So, in order to maximize grip, we decide to focus on Premium Friction, instead of stick, tacky coatings. Premium Friction is focused on Grippy properties! Grippy is made up of millions of little fingers, unlike sticky coatings! Premium Friction is design to help athletes gain output, while maintaining those gains by resisting the elements in any condition! In order to gain in dry conditions, we have developed the VukGripz Product Philosophy!

Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter: Increase Friction (Decrease Slip) = Increased Relaxation in the Fingers, Hands, Wrists, Arms, Upper Body and the Entire Body = Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion = Increased Fluidity in Athlete Movement = Increase Bat Control, Bat Speed and Exit Velocity

Here is a video showing results submitted by a D1, High School Prospect in 2020:

Proven Benefits by the MLB

The MLB proved this philosophy! MLB Infield, Eric Sogard, had used VukGripz Batting Gloves for the 1st time for the entire 2019 season. In this season, he had career highs in AVG, HR, SLUG %, Exit Velocity, Barrel %, Barrels, Launch Angle, and Batted Balls! Checkout MLB Statcast to see how Eric Sogard and the MLB proved that VukGripz Batting Gloves and Bat Grips can increase an elite athlete's performance!

In our own studies, our batting tape has proven to increase bat speed up to 2.1% (or 6-8ft extra travel of a ball) more than alternative bat tape! And, our bat grip and batting gloves system has proven to increase bat speed up to 4.4% (or 16.6ft extra travel of a ball) more than alternative combinations! This was proven by a Fortune 500 Company in a professional study at the college level! MLB took it a step further and proved it at the big league level!

Baseball and Softball Product Tests

It's not everyday you find products that can provide unmatched slip resistance! Playing when your equipment is wet, dirty, muddy, sweaty or oily is a challenge for any athlete during any point of their career! But, with American Made engineering and product design, we have developed the most advanced Bat Grip and Batting Gloves in the game! So, whether an athlete use their bare hands, other branded batting gloves or our combination,  players will be locked-in 100% of the time! Our products rely on feel! But, if players cannot feel the products, they must be able to see the batting tape and gloves in action!

So, here are a few videos that show how VUK works in various conditions in different settings! We focus on bare hands with our bat wraps; alternative batting gloves with our bat tape; and the Award-Winning Bat Grip and Batting Glove System! There is not another gripping material in the world that can do what VukGripz can!

Bare Hands & Bat Grips: Extreme Mud and Cold Weather

Bare Hands & Bat Grips: Vaseline Test

Alternative Batting Gloves and our Bat Wraps: Excess Water

VukGripz Complete Gripping System:

 VUK Batting Gloves and Bat Wraps: Extreme Water/Pool Test

VUK Batting Gloves and Bat Wraps: MLB INF, Eric Sogard Test

If you want to see our entire collection of videos, head to our YouTube Channel!