How to Regrip your Pickleball Paddle

How to Re-Grip a Pickleball Paddle and How to Add an Over Grip:

VukGripz has done it again with its American Made Pickleball Paddle Grips! These are the best pickleball grips that are 100% different than any alternative out there! With that, there are certain tips and tricks that we have mastered over the years to ensure the best wrapping experience for pickleball players! So, we wanted to share those with you below!

1) Do not remove all the backing at once. The backing keeps the grip stable and it also keeps the adhesive "at-bay" until it is needed!

2) Do not pull hard when applying. It doesn't take much tension to get the pickleball grip to lay flat on the paddle! Provide enough tension so that you are simply manipulating the grip around the paddle!

3) When applying tension to the grip, make sure your hands are as close to the paddle as possible. Other grip or tape techniques tell you to pull tight, which makes your applying hand stay several inches away from the paddle. So, when you keep your hands close to the handle, it will allow you to use your thumbs to manipulate the grip! Your thumbs will then provide the tension to the part of the pickleball grip that is being stuck/applied to the handle at that moment! This will help prevent the pickleball paddle grip tape from curling in!

4) VukGripz are the best pickleball paddle grips because players can wrap their paddle edge-to-edge or with an overlap. A traditional feel will be an overlap approach as it provides groves for your fingers to fit into! With either technique, be sure to overlap on the first time around the paddle's handle to cover the starting edge! This will protect it and keep it from unpeeling by accident during use (i.e. your hand keeps hitting that edge; from being put into your pickleball bag; etc)

5) We know not all paddles are the same size! So, be sure to have some scissors ready incase you need to trim off some of the extra grip! When doing this, cut diagonally away from you (towards the finishing end of the grip) to give yourself a finishing edge...and for safety!

6) Lastly, be sure to apply electrical tape or our finishing tape to the finishing end of the grip if possible. This give our pickleball grip a clean, finished look and it will protect that finishing edge during play; going in/out of a pickleball bag; and just from getting hit by accident.

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