How to Regrip Golf Clubs

How to Regrip Golf Clubs with VukGripz Golf Grip Tape

Regripping golf clubs is easy with VukGripz Golf Grip Tape! Is it different?

VukGripz is 100% different compared to alternative golf club products. 

Our industry-leading golf grip tape technology is bringing the golf world an American Made Golf Grip. It is leading the industry in friction and slip resistance!

Here is How to Install a Golf Club with VukGripz Golf Grip Tape!

  1. Decide whether to wrap your golf club with an overlap approach or edge-to-edge (most traditional feel). Each wrapping style will have its own characteristics that will be appealing to each individual player! By wrapping our golf grip tape edge-to-edge, the edges of the grip will be less exposed going in and out of the bag.
    1. **I have had my clubs wrapped with an overlap and have not had major issues with the edges getting beat ~ RJ Vukovich (Owner)
    2. In either scenario, make sure you overlap the starting edge on the first time around the club to help protect that edge/starting point. If you do not want to do that, you can use electrical tape and just cover that starting edge by using a layer or two. 
  2. Do not remove all the backing at once. The backing keeps the golf grip stable and it also keeps the adhesive "at-bay" until it is needed!
  3. Keep your hands together when applying golf grip tape.
  4. Be sure to use your thumbs to apply slight tension/stretch when installing
  5. Do not pull hard when applying. It doesn't take much tension to get the golf grip tape to lay flat on the club!
  6. When applying tension to the grip, make sure your hands are close to the club. Other grip or tape techniques tell you to pull tight, which makes your applying hand stay several inches away from the club. So, by keeping your hands close to your golf club, it will allow you to use your thumbs to manipulate the golf grip tape.
  7. Be sure to apply electrical tape or our finishing tape to both ends of the golf grip if possible (depending on if you just want extra protection or if you overlapped the starting end at the beginning of the process). This will provide a nice clean look while protecting the ends of the golf grip tape.

    Regripping golf clubs with VukGripz golf grip tape is easy and effective at improving your grip on your golf clubs!