How to Tape a Hockey Stick

How to Tape a Hockey Stick Handle: VukGripz Hockey Tape

How to Tape a Hockey Stick Handle is easy with VukGripz Hockey Tape! Is it different? Do you have to pull tight?


Our industry leading hockey tape is bringing you some great content to help all players wrap their hockey stick!

  • Don’t Stretch or Pull Tight!
    • Use Your Thumbs to Stretch/Manipulate the Hockey Tape!
  • Remove the Backing of the Hockey Tape as you Apply!
    • Do not remove the backing all at once. The backing gives the hockey stick tape some support along with not exposing our strong adhesive until you are ready!
  • You can start with either end of our hockey grip as both ends are tapered!
    • We recommend wrapping our hockey grip tape edge to edge to help prevent players from beating up the edges of the grip when they shift their hands!
    • Our strong adhesive will help prevent the edges of our tape from getting beat up if a player chooses to wrap their hockey stick with an overlap!