How to Tape a Hockey Stick

How to Tape a Hockey Stick Handle

How to Tape a Hockey Stick Handle is easy with VukGripz Hockey Tape!vuk Is it different? Do you have to pull the hockey tape tight?

Our industry leading hockey tape is bringing you some great content to help all players wrap their hockey stick!

Here are some simple tips on how to tape hockey stick with VukGripz hockey tape.

1) Do not remove all the backing at once. The backing keeps the grip stable and it also keeps the adhesive "at-bay" until it is needed!
2) Do not pull the hockey tape hard when applying. It doesn't take much tension to get the grip to lay flat!
3) When applying tension to the grip, make sure your hands are close to the stick. Other grip or hockey tape techniques tell you to pull tight, which makes your applying hand stay several inches away from the stick. And, by keeping your hands close to your hockey stick, it will allow you to use your thumbs to manipulate the grip!
4) It is recommended to wrap VUK edge-to-edge for the best results. This style will protect the edges of the grip when your hands move on the stick. Also, we do mention that you can overlap the top of the grip if you'd like. If you do that, just overlap once around because that will protect the starting edge, but also not give you a large enough edge that can get beat up. 
**You can wrap your VukGripz Hockey Stick Tape with an overlap for a grooved feel. Please be aware that the raised edges with this wrapping style may make the hockey tape wear faster as the edges are raised up and may get hit more often during use.
5) Be sure to apply electrical tape or our finishing tape to both ends of the stick if possible. This will make it a smooth transition from stick to grip and will also protect the ends of the hockey tape as those are raised.
VukGripz hockey tape makes it easy to wrap a hockey stick!