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  • black hockey stick tape, hockey tape, black hockey tape
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Black Hockey Tape

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Black Hockey Tape Designed to impress!

All black hockey tape used to be same!

It was clothy, rough, got sticky, lost its grip and didn't last long. Black hockey tape has evolved over the years, turning into hockey grip tape! Alternatives may look nice, and may feel tacky/sticky., but those properties wear out very quickly and add a lot of bulk to the hockey stick.

This is not even to mention all of the added weight that those hockey grips add. Vuk decided to do something 100% different! We took the hockey grip idea and mixed it with the hockey tape design to basically come up with a beefed up hockey tape!

What Makes This Hockey Tape So Special?

Our hockey tape design involves millions of micro-replicated fingers, or speed bumps, that provides Premium Friction between your hands and the hockey stick! When these little fingers get engaged from grip pressure, the sides of the fingers grab your hands, keeping those locked-in.

Since players use gloves, or another material, the amount of friction increases more than it did with just your bare hand! Our black hockey tape will grab onto those fibers that the hockey gloves are made out of causing you to achieve OPTIMUM GRIP!

Playing hockey with OPTIMUM GRIP is a huge benefit! You will achieve better hockey stick control, shot speed, passing and you will be more explosive when defending or attacking because your body will be more relaxed when using our hockey tape! You will increase your overall play on the ice with a better handle on your stick! Our "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter" approach will be explained below!

How Can "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter" Help in Hockey?

Getting the most out of our body, or muscles, is very important. Performing at your highest level will separate you from the competition! By adding Premium Friction to your game with our black hockey stick tape, you will increase your relaxation!

Added relaxation to your game will increase your range of motion/flexibility! That added range of motion will allow you to gain fluidity with your movements on the ice! Increasing your fluidity will provide you with the ability to increase your stick control, which will make your shots more accurate and your passing cleaner! Not to mention, you will be able to defend better with Vuk hockey tape!

Not only will our black hockey grip tape increase your shot accuracy, it will also increase your shot speed! Finesse is a huge factor on wrist shots or strategic shots! Our hockey tape will add MPH to your slap shot!

Check out our blog on the best hockey tape according to the pros: click here! Learn how to tape a hockey stick on our website: click here! Or, you can check it out on YouTube! VukGripz hockey stick tape is essential for better hockey stick control. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Sparace
Hockey grip

Best hockey grip on the market, my son has used Vuk grips on his baseball bats and his goalie sticks. He wouldn’t use anything else and we have used most grips on the market today! Highly recommended

Tom Hutchison
Guys on my team told me about this product and I’m sure glad they did!

Back in December one of my teammates got a bright green grip tape and I asked him about it and he told me all about your company and how it was out of Ohio and I said when I get new sticks I’ll try it fast forward to last month I get a new stick and ordered this and holy cow I love the way it feels,I feel like I can control a little bit better and the tape doesn’t tear up my glove palms either this is a quality product i look to buy again!

Aaron Steinberg
Great grip, however...

Awesome grip! Love the feel and how easy it was to install, however...

First game using it in the 3rd period, I fell and slammed into the boards and shattered my clavicle, I have my surgery this Thursday. I'm not saying the two things are related, but it definitely sucks that I won't be able to use this grip again until im all healed in about 3 months.

Great grip though! Love the tactile feel and how easy it was to apply. I will definitely continue to use it once I'm back on my skates.

Zack Smith

Really good product and reasonable price. My 14 y/o son uses Vuk grip for baseball and hockey.

Hockey tape review

This is by far the best grip tape I have ever used. Whenever I am playing it is super important for me to have full control of my stick and the Vuk grip allows for great control. There is a significant difference between regular hockey tape or any other grip I have tried. The durability is amazing as well I have been using my grip for almost six months on the same stick and I have had no problems. Overall there is nothing wrong with this grip.