Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Website as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Legal Notice
All notices from VukGripz to You may be posted on our Web site and will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) days after posting. Notices from You to VukGripz shall be made either by e-mail, sent to the address we provide on our Web site, or first class mail to our address at:
Delivery shall be deemed to have been made by You to VukGripz five (5) days after the date sent.
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      All brand, product, service, and process names appearing on this Web site are trademarks of their respective holders. Reference to or use of a product, service, or process does not imply recommendation, approval, affiliation, or sponsorship of that product, service, or process by VukGripz. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel, or otherwise any license or right under any patent, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right of VukGripz or any third party, except as expressly granted herein.
        Use Of Site
        This site may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed. Information on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Information, including product pricing and availability, may be changed or updated without notice. VukGripz LLC and its subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including, without limitation, if VukGripz LLC believes that customer conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of VukGripz LLC and its subsidiaries.
          Privacy Policy
          VukGripz LLC use of personal information that you may submit to VukGripz LLC through this Web site is governed by the VukGripz LLC Privacy Policy. Customer information will not be shared with anyone. Customer information will be documented for sales and inventory tracking. Credit Card or check numbers will not be used after processing or shared to anyone. If you have a question or concern about VukGripz LLC’s Privacy Policy or about your personal information, please contact VukGripz LLC (refer to the “Contact Us” section on the homepage).
            Shipping & Delivery
            At this time, VukGripz LLC ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Additionally, VukGripz LLC ships merchandise to Canada and Mexico, but not to other international locations. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.
            Orders are processed between 1-3 days time. Currently, we ship Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! Orders received before 8am est, will get out on the next closest shipping day. So, if an order is placed at 7:45am est on Monday, that order will get sent out on Monday. Orders received after the 8am est deadline, may get processed and shipped on the next shipping day.  Tracking numbers will be provided. If you would like your order faster, please contact VukGripz LLC by going to the “Contact Us” page on the VukGripz LLC website. An agreement will be made and shipping will be recalculated accordingly. If you did not receive your order, please contact the shipping provider chosen at checkout. Once the order is processed and dropped off at the corresponding shipper, we are unable to assist with the transit. We have as much information as you do with regards to the tracking number provided after the order is processed. If the tracking number provided states that the package has been delivered, please double check with your post office or UPS for holding the package because of size or with your apartment building complex. Sometimes, packages are too big the mailbox or are held to insure security. Please contact VukGripz with any issues at 330-265-5991 or rj@vukgripz.com.
            Shipping is NON REFUNDABLE. All product returns/refunds will not include a refunded shipping charge.
              Sales Tax
              VukGripz LLC charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the applicable state sales tax rate and the location to which the order is being shipped. If you have questions about Sales Tax, please contact VukGripz LLC (refer to the “Contact Us” section on the homepage).
              Customer Product Issues or Concerns Regarding VukGripz LLC Products:
                VukGripz LLC ask that if any customer has a concern about VukGripz LLC products, durability, a defective product, or even a rare, unhappy VukGripz LLC experience, please contact VukGripz LLC at the earliest convenience on our “Contact Us” page or at info@vukgripz.com. VukGripz LLC is here to provide great performance and quality products. VukGripz LLC needs to learn and grow. The best way for VukGripz LLC is to learn from others about its products if these products do not live up to customer standards. VukGripz LLC is here to help! Please contact us with any concerns or questions!
                  Return Policy
                  30 Days from Delivery Date
                  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas - 45 Days from Delivery Date
                  You may purchase merchandise from this Website. VukGripz LLC reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.
                  In order to return a product for a full product refund (minus any shipping expense), the product must be unused, in packaging, and packaging must be intact. Once the product is received by VukGripz LLC, VukGripz LLC will examine the product. If the purchased product is returned and has been tampered with or damaged (even during transit), the product will be returned to the customer, as is, without a refund.
                  • Please be sure to package all returned product according to prevent damage during transit. This is the customer's responsibility. 
                    Normal VukGripz LLC Analysis for returned/defective/customer concerns with products:
                      Pictures must be provided to VukGripz if a product concern or issue arises via our “Contact Us” page or info@vukgripz.com. Our team will then look at provided picture(s) and information to determine the cause of the issue (wrong size, human error, sliding, normal wear/tear, product defect, etc.). Without receiving pictures or physical evidence of the concern at hand, VUK will not be able to do a complete analysis of the case and will not be able to offer a product refund. But, a solution will be provided based on the evidence/feedback provided to VukGripz at the time of the concern.
                      Look at any, if available previous situations that have occurred, in which the same problem may have occurred at a previous time
                      REQUIRED: Products that have had an issue are to be sent/mailed back to VukGripz for further analysis to prevent/correct any problems that may have occurred during use. Confirmation of shipment of the returned products is needed before any new products are to be sent out. All products wishing to be returned can be sent to: VukGripz LLC,     8105 Windem Cir. NW      North Canton, OH  44720
                      Determine the proper method of refund/replacement/discount: VukGripz always make sure to over communicate with the customer on the under sizing of this style of gloves.

                        Returning a Product – Wrong product ordered, delivered, or size 

                        In order to return a product, the product must be unused, in packaging, and packaging must be intact. Once the product is received by VukGripz LLC, VukGripz LLC will examine the product. If the purchased product is returned and has been tampered with or damaged (even during transit), the product will be returned to the customer, as is, without a refund.
                        • Please be sure to package all returned product according to prevent damage during transit. This is the customer's responsibility. 
                          • Please contact VukGripz with any questions!

                          Product Defect – Grips

                          If a product is defective, the customer is to notify VukGripz LLC by email or phone. If the product has already been placed on a piece of equipment (ex. – baseball bat handle), depending on the defect, VukGripz LLC may request that the entire piece of equipment, with the grip on it, be sent to VukGripz LLC headquarters for investigation/analysis. Please do not take off, misplace, throw away, etc., a VukGripz LLC product without contacting VukGripz LLC first. Without evidence of the defective product, VukGripz LLC will assume that the product was tampered with and no refund, or, new product will be sent out.
                          VukGripz LLC does not deem installation error as a product defect or returnable situation. We have many installation videos on our website to show proper wrapping technique (which is different than other products). Please pay attention to the details and the hand positioning. There are also outstanding tips & tricks plus instructions located in our packaging and on our website. We set (2) Guinness World Records for wrapping baseball bats and softball bats! So, all types of bats can be wrapped using our techniques and methods per our videos displaying such, along with our wrapping instructions. 
                          • If a grip does get messed up during installation, please reach out. We will do our best to provide a FAIR SOLUTION for all parties involved. Again, the grip doesn't come defective to you as our quality control grip process is industry leading by being in the USA! We will do our best to provide a solution via product discount, an opportunity to receive a replacement, or it may be in the form of a blemished product. It is VukGripz LLC discretion and is responsibility of the customer to provide accurate wrapping experience details instead of just saying "the product doesn't work."
                            • If the grip curls in on itself, that is due to user/wrapper error. Again, our products are different along with our wrapping technique. Please pay attention to our videos and instructions. Patience is key! Please take your time!  

                          Normal Product Use and Wear – Grips – Bat Grip, Lacrosse Tape, Golf Grip, All-Purpose Grip

                          VukGripz LLC bat grips will experience “logo fading.” After using a VukGripz LLC bat grip, logos on the grip will tend to fade away where constant contact is displayed. This is not a product defect. The process to manufacture the VukGripz LLC grip will cause the logos to fade away after constant use. VukGripz LLC grips experience “pattern fading” when used often. Because of the material the grips are made out of, the material may seem to fade away. This is not the case. Only the top layer of the material has faded from the grip itself. The grip is still useable. After prolonged use, the grips will tend to “wear out” like other grips.
                          Non-normal product wear is in the form of holes, rips, and bad adhesion of the grip to the equipment. If this is experienced after the first 30 uses (ex. – 1 baseball bat swing = 1 use) of the grip, then any wear of the product is considered to be normal wear.

                            Product Defect – Batting Gloves

                            VukGripz LLC batting gloves are developed to be used for the action of swinging (ex. – swinging a baseball bat). VukGripz LLC batting gloves are extremely durable. VukGripz LLC also understands that sometimes athletes may have to perform different movements while wearing the batting gloves. But, if sliding or over stretching VukGripz LLC batting gloves may result in “no-refund” (every situation is different). VukGripz LLC BG1 batting gloves sizes run smaller than other companies’ gloves. It is recommended that customers purchase BG1 batting gloves a size larger than usually purchased sizes with other companies. This adjustment when ordering batting gloves will allow the gloves to flex better and last longer. This will help prevent seams from “popping” or splitting. If the product is defective with holes on the palm of the hand, the back of the hand, or on the fingers, a refund may be applicable. If holes, rips, or leather begins to fall off before or at 30 uses (ex. – 1 baseball bat swing with gloves = 1 use), please contact VukGripz LLC.
                            VukGripz will not warranty or accept any refunds on products that fail at the wrist of the gloves/where the gloves strap together. From over 20 years of experience in baseball/softball and being able to test numerous top brand name products, batting gloves fail in this area because of incorrect methods by the user of putting on/taking off the gloves, or, during the action of sliding. Overstretching of this area during the action of putting on and tightening the gloves is the main issue for that area of the glove to fail. Gloves are be made to fit with comfort. If a user has to pull excessively for the glove to feel comfortable, the glove is more than likely the incorrect size. Any issue with this part of the glove is not under any warranty or refund process. Please see the “Wearing, Not Tearing your Batting Gloves” page for any details that will go into further explanation.
                            VukGripz will provide feedback with expert product analysis. The VukGripz team has experienced most of its products at the professional level (Baseball). With professional playing experience and coaching experience, VukGripz is equipped to provide feedback about its products that most companies may not be able to relay. Please take into consideration the feedback that will be provided if you contact VukGripz about defective products. WE KNOW OUR PRODUCTS AND KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

                              Normal Product Use and Wear – Batting Gloves

                              After excessive and prolonged use of VukGripz LLC batting gloves, normal wear will occur. Some wear patterns may form on the palm grips of our gloves depending on use and how an object is gripped while using the gloves after a period of time. The rate of wear on our palm grips will differ for each player (fast, slow, etc - each player is different). But, the wearing down of the palm grips is what is suppose to occur to protect the leather while providing some enhanced grip. VukGripz LLC batting gloves are developed to be used for the action of swinging (ex. – swinging a baseball bat). If a player/customer uses the batting gloves during actions of sliding, throwing, fielding or any other way that is not swinging, and the batting gloves are damaged, a refund may not be accepted. Those actions are not considered to be “Normal Use” for VukGripz LLC batting gloves. Please contact VukGripz LLC with any questions.
                              Some signs of “Normal Wear” when using VukGripz Batting Gloves are:
                              • Your bottom hand on the bat may experience wear and tear on the outer palm part of the glove that contains VukGripz Grip. This is an area that VukGripz has seen numerous brands of gloves fail at. With VukGripz, its material in that area adds a protective layer of our grips for the glove itself. That grip that is added to that part of the gloves is added for protecting the glove more than serving a purpose to grip the bat. Many players experience wear in this area because their hand rubs on the knob of the bat. Because there is no VukGripz Bat Grip on the knob of the bat, this area is slick and causes rubbing the part of the glove that touches it. Top name brand gloves will experience the same thing. Each player’s wear areas are different than one another. VukGripz understands that each situation is different. Please contact VukGripz with any questions or concerns that may arise.
                              • Threads that stitched the grip to the gloves may become exposed or free. This happens because these areas are exposed to extreme friction. There is no concern here. VukGripz has experienced great success with its material staying on the gloves for the duration of the glove.


                                2-Weeks from Delivery Date on all Products. Contact VukGripz LLC with any product questions. 
                                • This does not include wrapping errors made by the user/wrapper. We will be happy to provide FAIR SOLUTIONS for all parties involved in this scenario. But, a straight product replacement or product refund will not be provided for user/wrapper error.

                                Shipping a refundable product

                                After communication has been made between the customer and VukGripz LLC about a possible refund, shipping will be arranged and agreed upon during communication. The customer may be subject to paying the return shipping to VukGripz LLC.
                                • PLEASE return the item in packaging adequate at protecting the product.
                                • If a product is shipped back to us in a damaged condition, we will not warrant a full product refund. Over-packaging and over-communication will be helpful in the return process. Please take the appropriate measures to ensure the type of materials used to return the product are effective. 

                                "Free Gift with Purchase" Return Policy

                                We have recently launched our "Free Gift with Purchase" program on our website. Here, customers have the opportunity to reach a certain dollar amount in their cart in order to receive another opportunity to add a "Free Gift with Purchase." The return policy on orders involving a "Free Gift with Purchase" are as follows:

                                • In order to receive a full product refund for the order, the "Free Gift with Purchase" item will need to be returned with the other products ordered. If the "Free Gift with Purchase" item is not included with the return, a refund will be provided (dependent on our return policy) minus the "Free Gift with Purchase" item's normal cost (available on the product's page of the website). 
                                • No exchanges on an "Free Gift with Purchase" items. If you'd like to contact VukGripz to coordinate a special request, we'd be happy to work together. PLEASE NOTE: If the order has already been shipped, this would include paying for the return shipping of the item and also paying for new shipping back to you that includes the new product. 

                                Store Hours

                                Customer service is available as defined on the Contact Us page of this website.
                                  Please know we are not a major corporation or company. We are mighty team of 3-5 (depending on the year) grinding it out. Our team travels to shows and events monthly (sometimes weekly). We will do our best to get back to all customer inquiries within 48hrs from receipt! Most of the time, inquiries are answered on our shipping days of MWF. We will do our best to get to those faster if possible!
                                  We are truly blessed to be able to provide American Made and Industry Leading products! Again, we are doing our best with our mighty team of me, Molly, Jake, and Grace (sometimes my dad, mom, wife, cousin, friend, etc.....we get help from everywhere)! We will over-communicate and give straight feedback! If something didn't happen the way it should of, we will admit it. But, sometimes the right answer/solution may not be the one YOU are looking for or want to hear. Our hope is our customers trust us and trust that we know what we are talking about when it comes to VUKGRIPZ LLC products. We have developed VukGripz LLC from day one! We have personally tested all of our products. We know how the products are suppose to perform! Nothing lasts forever. But, we will be honest and will admit if something didn't perform to our standards. Please understand that outside variables are real. Other people touch your equipment; the equipment gets beat up even if you take care of it; and as you use your equipment more it will wear down faster (touching equipment is using it). More reps in practice means more reps on your equipment! We know that and use all of that detail in our analysis in product concerns! We will treat you with respect! That is a guarantee! Please do the same! Again, we will do our best to assist and provide a FAIR OUTCOME for all parties!
                                  RJ Vukovich