Wearing, Not Tearing, Your Gloves!

VukGripz is taking you back to Gloves 101!

Stop tearing and blowing out your gloves! VukGripz is here to give you some useful techniques when using its gloves, or even other name brand gloves! Give your gloves a chance!

Instructional pictures illustrating some ``Do's and Don'ts`` of wearing gloves! Always remember: ``Take Your Time!``

do not pull down on the strap of any glove like that to tighten
American Flag batting gloves being overstretched
Example of a seam that could be in jeopardy if to much pulling occurs.
Pulling to hard on the strap of a glove
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wrong way, gloves
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premier batting gloves that have vukgripz bat tape on the palms

Understanding Durability with VukGripz Batting Gloves - The Palm Grips

The VukGripz team has used and has come to understand what it expected of its batting gloves by testing those at the professional level (Baseball). With professional playing experience and coaching experience, VukGripz is equipped to provide feedback about its products that most companies may not be able to relay.

Normal Product Use and Wear – Batting Gloves

After excessive and prolonged use of VukGripz LLC batting gloves, normal wear will occur. Some patterns may form depending on use and how an object is gripped while using the gloves after an extended period of time. DO NOT PANIC! Your batting gloves are still good!

Performance Palm Grips

The areas highlighted in the picture, (highlighted in blue) to the right show the grips that are essential to gripping a bat. These areas are virtually the same for your bare hands or traditional batting gloves. VukGripz has strategically placed its grips in those location! These grips are strong and long lasting on the gloves. Because these grips lock in with VukGripz Bat Grips, wear and tear is minimal because there is no slip with the VukGripz System! Unlike traditional gloves, gloves may experience damage in those areas from rubbing on competitive grips. That slippage causes damage, which causes tearing. With VukGripz Batting Gloves, its palm grips actually provide extra protection! Yes, that’s right! Performance enhancing, glove protecting grips! VukGripz does it all. We get it, things wear down. But, think of traditional batting gloves compared to VukGripz Batting Gloves! If you experience gloves that rip fast on the palms, change your strategy…and chose VukGripz!

Support/Protection Palm Grip

-Your bottom hand on the bat may experience wear and tear on the outer palm part of the glove that contains VukGripz Grip (area outlined in red). This is an area that VukGripz has seen numerous brands of gloves fail at. With VukGripz, its material in that area adds a protective layer for the glove itself. That grip that is added to that part for protecting the glove against abuse from the bat/sliding more than serving a purpose to grip the bat. Many players experience wear in this area because their bottom hand rubbing on the knob of the bat. This area is slick and causes rubbing on that part of the glove. Top name brand gloves will experience the same thing. But, because this protection grip is there, VukGripz gloves will last longer and will prevent holes/tears in that area. Think about name brand batting gloves that just have leather there. Now, take VukGripz batting gloves with its protection grip and understand how much protecting that pad really does for the life of your glove! Each player has different wear areas than one another. But from testing products for over 20 years, this is one area that gloves see a ton of abuse. Don’t panic if this area wears out faster than the other areas. Its purpose is to take the wrath and abuse of the rubbing of the bat knob to that part of the gloves, and some sliding! YOUR GLOVES ARE STILL GREAT!

-Threads that stitched the grip to the gloves may become exposed or free. This happens because these areas are exposed to extreme friction. DO NOT BE CONCERNED. VukGripz has experienced great success with its material staying on the gloves for the duration of the glove. That is the durability of VukGripz!

If you are concerned and want to learn more, please head to our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about what to expect!