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Dig In Decals

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Industry's 1st Player Focused, Inspirational Decal from our Dig In Decal Collection!

Our Dig In Decal Collection is the 1st player focused, Inspirational Decal! Any athlete knows that the mental game is as, or more, important than the physical game!


As a player, I really struggled after a bad swing causing me to get behind in the count (each sport has its similar situation: missed pass, bad shot, etc). I needed to search for INSPIRATION! My inspiration was hearing my dad say "Trust Your Hands!" This was my CONFIDENCE BOOSTER! Even if he couldn't make it to a game, I was able to take that saying and replay it in my head when the pressure was on! EVERY ATHLETE goes through the same thing! So, I wanted to create those a little reminder that players can take with them on the field, court or rink to INSPIRE them to DIG IN & battle!

What sports can these be used for?

These Dig In Decals are so versatile, that they are an awesome pairing with our Dig In Bat Tape, Dig In Lacrosse Tape, Dig In Hockey Take, Dig In Tennis Overgrip, Pickleball Paddle Grip and Dig In Field Hockey Grip! Every athlete has to focus during their training and game play. But, every athlete will experience a period of doubt or will become unfocused. We provided athletes with 15+ different phrases and words designed around confident thinking! Positivity is key to success! If you have doubt in the batter's box, on the court, or on the field, success will be sporadic. And, that success will count as luck, instead of confidence.

Get a Dig In Decal and stick it to a bat, club, racquet, and paddle! Stick it in a spot you can go to focus or refocus! Never let your guard down to compete your strongest every second! 

Check out the Dealer Locator on our website to find a dealer who carries VukGripz Dig In Decals! 

We just got asked to be on the All Sports Best Podcast! Take a listen to our interview on their website at

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jed Finn

Dig In Decals

Denis Danielsen
Customer service

Amazing customer service I order a decal that was no longer in stock and they personally text messaged me right away the next day letting me know it was out of stock and asking if I would like to choose a different one

Anthony michael Guerra
Cool stickers

I bought my son several " Battle " stickers to act as a reminder of him to " Dig in " when he's down in the count. Simply place a sticker anywhere on your bat as a reminder. They are awesome

Great field hockey grip!

This was exactly what I was looking for! My stick was slipping and shifting, turning in my hand during hits because of a slippery grip. This solved that problem brilliantly! I use one grip at the top and I haven’t had my grip shift once.

Cody Clark

Dig In Decals