Welcome to the VukPack! 

We are excited to have our new Dealer/Wholesale Portal! Please be sure to select from one of the options below!




To become a VukGripz Dealer and set up a Wholesale Account, please follow this link to fill out our NEW DEALER APPLICATION: CLICK HERE COMPLETE NEW DEALER APPLICATION. 

A dealer includes having a Retail/Brick & Mortar Location, Training Facility, or Online Store. Once you fill out the NEW DEALER APPLICATION, it will take a few days for us to process the application! Once a new dealer/wholesale account gets approved, that new account will receive Point of Sale products to help with selling VUK! If customers can feel the difference between VUK and everything else out there, VUK will sell itself! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! 

VukGripz Dealer Overview - What to Expect

Hello! This is owner, RJ Vukovich! I am very excited for the opportunity to work with you! Being a family-owned and operated business has been nothing short of awesomeness! On top of that, I have been very fortunate to create not only unique products, but products that are #1 in numerous industries for performance benefits, slip resistant benefits, durability benefits among many others! To add to the excitement, I did develop the 1st and ONLY AMERICAN MADE Bat Grips, Hockey Grips, Lacrosse Grips, Field Hockey Grips and Pickleball Grips in the world! VukGripz are made locally in OH!

When becoming a VukGripz Dealer, I want every new and current VukPack member to feel like they are part of the pack! I strive to provide awesome customer service and industry leading products! I am not like other owners out there! I am around my grips from start to finish as I make those in the USA! I also was able to create, develop and use all of my products in my professional baseball career before coming to market, including my batting gloves! Many companies just create products and hope professionals can test those out. Well, VUK not only has players at the highest levels in each of the sports that we service, but I am also part of that equation! I believe that allows VUK to separate itself from other companies and products because I not only test/develop my products differently, I live VukGripz everyday! You can feel rest assured that I will do my best for you and your team!  

I appreciate the opportunity to work together! I am still learning new things everyday! As VukGripz continues to grow, I know I will be able to grow as a business owner as well! So, thank you in advance for grinding it out with VUK! I will continue to give it my all everyday and I will do my best to over-communicate as much as possible!

RJ Vukovich