Performance Tests

The Top Gripping Products in the World!

Whether players are swinging our bat grip; shooting with our hockey tape, lacrosse tape or field hockey grips; or even hitting solid shots with our tennis overgrip, pickleball grip or golf grip; VukGripz has the best grips out there! Our Award-Winning technology is the top in many, if not all of the industries! All of our grips are engineered and made in the USA! This allows us to create something original, unique and different! In sports like Baseball and Softball, we developed our industry leading batting gloves to give players an edge! The combination of our bat grip tape and batting gloves is the #1 combination in the world! Our philosophy is "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter!" If players can gain an edge in dry conditions, then great products must maintain those gains in all conditions! VukGripz does just that!

Proof by Video

We strive to get players and parents to feel our products! Because our products are 100% different, players are immediately able to feel the difference! Many sports us the philosophy "Feel Good, Play Good!" Well, once players feel our products, they know the benefits that these can provide! But, if players cannot feel our products, they must be able to see the products in action! So, we test all of our products in all the sports we are in to show everyone why VukGripz has the #1 Gripping Products on the market! Be sure to check out our performance videos based on the sport below! So, just click the sport and check out the evidence!

Installing our Grips

Be sure to check out our How-To pages to get an edge when wrapping up your equipment with our grips! We have our own tips and tricks for installing our products! And, be sure to NOT PULL TIGHT! Finally, just use your thumbs to manipulate the grip as you apply those!