Bat Tape

Bat Tape to Help you Relax in the Moment!

The Best Bat Tape was Designed & Developed by Pro Hitter & Owner, RJ Vukovich! This bat grip is Engineered for Hitters to Gain up to 2.1% more Bat Speed !


VUK is the Only Company Focusing on Providing Optimum Grip with Optimum Confidence in the Box Every Second with our batting tape! 

Stop Searching for that Extra Bit of Confidence! Choose Vuk to Play Better!

Taking a shot on ``Grippy`` is Worth It!

Needing to standout in baseball and softball, we decided to develop products with a whole new premise! We wanted to get away from sticky and tacky products as those wear out and do not provide enough grip! So, we went and developed: “Grippy!”

Owner, RJ Vukovich, Explains Why Taking a Shot on Vuk is Worth It!

We know that trying something new is a big leap for athletes! This is especially true when hitter’s have found success using other products! As a professional hitter myself who has battled with using pine tar and alternative bat grips, I could never seem to find a consistent grip! I would have to always re-tape my bat or apply more tar on each time I stepped into the box! Not to mention that tars and sticks always became more of a problem! But, what if making this switch could literally increase your performance? What if making the switch to Vuk could make you locked in every second you are in the batter’s box, instead of only when it’s nice out? Vuk is the #1 Slip Resistant and Performance Increasing Tape on the market!

The Best Bat Tape

Quick Tips and Tricks on Wrapping a Bat!

We know that some other batting grip tapes make it hard to wrap a bat! With Vuk, we strive to help out by providing instructions and tips to make life a little easier! If you think you got it and you want to head to buy products, click our shop link! We also have other videos on YouTube! You can see how to wrap an bat with an axe handle! And, here is another detailed, Vuk video on wrapping baseball bat grips and softball bat grips!