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  • VukGripz Blue Baseball Bat Grip Tape with white logos bat tape
  • VukGripz Blue Baseball Bat Grip Tape with white logos bat tape
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Blue Bat Grip Tape with White

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Blue Bat Tape with White Designs!

How can this Blue Bat Grip Tape Help?

This is our favorite question to answer! This batting grip can help you achieve Optimum Grip! And, it doesn't matter if it is blue bat grip tape or a red bat wrap! What is Optimum Grip? Optimum Grip is the amount of friction it takes for a ball player to the their best hold! To break it down, think of it like this: Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter! If you have the ability to do this because of our bat wrap, you will be able to gain fluidity in your swing! Gaining fluidity will allow your muscles to be less tense and be able to exert more natural power! If you are too tense, you will not be explosive or quick. So, you need relaxation to increase flexibility and range of motion for your hands, wrists arms and upper body! Get the most out of your muscles by using GRIPPY or Premium Friction because you want to play at your highest level!

How can a Bat Wrap Increase Bat Speed and Exit Velocity?

Like we said above, if you can gain fluidity in your swing, you will be able to be more smooth and explosive! You workout all the time to get stronger and faster, so why use products that don't compliment that? If you slip the slightest bit during the swing, you lose energy and power! That is why players started using pine tare, athletic tape, hockey tape, or alternative bat tape to gain "grip." The only problem is that all of those alternatives focus on sticky, tacky properties to gain those advantages! Those properties get worn out extremely fast and need reapplication process to provide consistency because the application is only on the top layer of the product. Those reapplications will build up and it adds unwanted weight to the bat! That extra weight will slow down your bat speed and make your bat path inconsistent! So, use our blue bat grip tape to simply, just play better!

Check Out Our Different Designs!

We have a different designs with our blue bat grip tape! Be sure to check out those other batting tapes by clicking here! Also, we know providing tips and tricks on "How to Wrap a Bat" are always helpful! So, check out our reusable batting grip video on YouTube!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Peter Dominowski
Great grips!

Great product!! Have over 20 slow pitch softball bats and everyone of them has a Vuk grip on them!

Great Grip (But Short)

This would be 5 stars if the length of the grip was just about 2-3 wraps longer. It's just a tad too short for baseball bats.


Best thin grips there are. I’ll never use another grip for my bats

Chase Dorsey

Blue Bat Grip Tape with White


Exceptional service and product as usual!