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  • Neon Orange Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • Neon Orange Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
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Neon Orange Bat Grip Tape

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What is Best Thing to Know about Your Neon Orange Bat Grip Tape?

The cold, hard truth is that every neon orange bat grip tape is not the same! Alternative tapes and grips can seem different if you are not paying attention to what you are buying! But, the truth is everything is exactly the same! It doesn't matter if it is a baseball bat grip or a softball bat grip. China, Pakistan or India are the manufacturing locations for grips and tapes because each of those products are the same sticky, tacky alternatives! Even if the batting tape is Neon Orange or a different color, all of those neon orange bat wraps are still the same! VukGripz is the first company in the world that has done something 100% different with its products!

Why is VukGripz Different?

This is first fiction-focused product in the world! There are no sticky or tacky coatings on this! So, our neon orange bat grips are made of millions of micro-replicated fingers that grip your hand and provide friction! So, when you see our neon orange batting tape color, you will see that it is built into the entire design! Also, we are the only bat grips in the world that use edge to edge adhesive because this gives you the best adhesion possible! Don't worry about your batting tape rolling up!

Do Any MLB Players Use your Products?

Our MLB debut back in 2018 with Oakland A's OF, Stephen Piscotty! Eric Sogard is the first MLB Player under a professional contract with VukGripz! He used our Batting Gloves and Bat Grips in 2019! Plus, he hit a home run in Game 5 of the ALDS! But, we have pictures of Josh Donaldson, Dee Gordon, Nelson Cruz and many others using our products in real games!

Where Can I Find Those Products?

Check out the home run hit by Eric Sogard against Gerrit Cole in Game 5 of the 2019 ALDS using VukGripz Batting Gloves: click here! Also, if you want to use the same model of Batting Gloves that were used in every game of 2019 he played in, click here! And, if you want to learn more about our bat tape, click here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Steve Balletto
Best Grips Ever

Hands down the best grips I've ever used. And remarkably, they can be peeled off a bat and used on another like they claim I was super skeptical about that.


Horrible. Couldn’t even get it on the bat

murray reingold
Love vuk grips

Best grips around. Good value and great grip!

Nando Nav
Best bat grip ever!

So i have a lefty who has a big swing but at times tends to drop his hands. I bought the new grip and at his first at bat he crushed one out to left field. His reaction was awesome and gave kudos to the grip we got from you guys! So I’ll definitely be ordering more as we play baseball! Thank you guys so much!

Phil Capotrio
The best!

This has to be our 10th order of VukGripz. My son will only use their grip tape. Even when he buys a brand new bad he rips off the existing tape and replaces it with VukGripz.