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  • VukGripz Red Baseball Bat Grip Tape with Black and Softball Bat Grip Tape with Black
  • VukGripz Red Baseball Bat Grip Tape with Black and Softball Bat Grip Tape with Black
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Red Bat Grip Tape with Black

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Does the Wrapping Style of Red Bat Grip Tape Matter?

In the case of VukGripz, the answer is no with this red bat grip tape! Some other products like Lizard Skin Red Batting Grips or Easton Wraps will tell you to wrap it certain way. The main reason is that the adhesive on those products do not go edge to edge. So, if you do not wrap it correctly, it could affect the performance and durability of those grips. If you use the best bat grip on the market, aka VUK, then you will learn that our adhesive is on the entire tape. No part of the grip is exposed. We also use extremely strong adhesive. So, if you wish to wrap VUK edge to edge, with an overlap, or on top of athletic/another product, you can do it! Don't forget: if you pair our batting tape with our batting gloves, you will be using the #1 Complete System! Click Here to shop our batting gloves!


What is "Really Strong Adhesive?"

You will see on all of red bat grip tapes and wraps that we use a company that is known for adhesive! We wanted to our gripping material technology to be not only durable and performance driven, but to stick to your handle better than any product! It doesn't matter if it is a baseball bat grip or a softball bat tape, this will stick to any handle of any kind! Plus, VUK provides a feature that no other company promotes in the sports industry! That feature is reusable! Yes, you heard correctly! You can take our products off of one handle and apply it to another! This is the 1st batting tape in the world with this capability! Check out the link above or our YouTube video on how to wrap a bat with a reused bat grip!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Brad York

We bought 2 grips one for my sons new bat and one for my fungo. My son saw them at a CWS booth last year and now that’s all he’ll use! Great grips!

Griffin Legault

I love the feel of all the gripz I bought. Red, blue, and green. I will recommend to all my other softball players looking to change gripz

Christopher Montjoy
Best Grip

Simply the best grip I have ever used!!!

John Ligums

The best

kevin przybyszewski
Best Grips

I think I keep you in business or should I say the bat manufacturer. Didn’t get much of a chance to use the last two since both bats broke within 3 weeks. My son has used these for a few years now and really likes it. They are the only grip he uses. When a new bat comes in grips are changed before he swings.