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  • Vukgripz White Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • Vukgripz White Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
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White Bat Grip Tape with Black

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Do White Bat Tapes get dirty?

White bat grip tapes usually get stained and dirty pretty fast! The reason being is that baseball grips and softball grips go through abuse! Also, those alternatives are made up of leather and cloth. So, imagine your t-shirt gets thrown in the dirt. That T-Shirt will get dirty and it may get stained! Our bat grip is very different in design! It is made up of plastic-based and rubber-based materials do not absorb or allow elements to stick to it! Although our grip may get dirty, you can easily wash it off to help it regain some of it's glow! In realty though, the bat wrap is white and we play in dirt!

Is this Bat Wrap Similar to Athletic Tape?

The answer is yes, but with some improvements! We created the first, American Made batting grip in the world! The goal was to make thin, durable and performance driven! We know players may want thicker bat grip tape, so we made VUK the only baseball bat grip or softball bat grip with edge to edge adhesive! This will allow our products to wrapped over an existing product, which creates a thicker feel! The other advantage to our adhesive is that this product, along with the our other products, can be wrapped edge to edge! If a player wants their grip to be as thin as possible, this wrapping style will provide this (aka: making it feel like athletic tape)! Although VUK is classified as a "grip," these products feel more like hockey stick tape or athletic tape!

Are there different designs?

Our white bat grip tape is very different than the rest! Because we make this from scratch, we do not just sublimate on our products! So, we design our white bat tape with different colors and designs! Check out all of our bat grips under one roof!

Need help wrapping a bat?

Be sure to head to our "How to Wrap a Bat Video" on YouTube! For the link, Click Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Andrew Kreiling
Repeat buyer

Each year that I attend ABCA, I always buy a new VukGripz grip. It is exactly as advertised—all conditions, this grip is the best!!!
Andrew—Kansas City, MO

Bradley Domreis


Tony Kennon
Nice grip

kid really likes to feel of the grip on his new wood victus. Improved bat speed 14. 86mph

Christopher De Lude
White Grip

My 12 year old son loves his Vuk grips, has them on all of his bats including the wood.

Danny Villanueva
UPDATE--The tape is GREAT!

The grip is great. It does exactly what's promoted. It's definitely a pain to apply the grip to bats with a tapered knob, so I got a few wrinkles but it's not too bad. My only issue is a promise of a replacement grip for a previous order was not included as offered. I'm still awaiting response regarding this issue, but its been 2 weeks since I inquired about this issue.

*UPDATE* RJ got in touch with me to resolve my issue. He was very helpful and informative, and it was a misunderstanding that he was quick to correct.. Kudos for making it right and for having a great product!