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The best grip!

My daughter absolutely LOVES this grip tape. She plays 14U travel ball and would not use her back-up bat until I got this tape for it. She has Vuk on her primary bat and won't use anything else now. 5 stars for the quality and 5 stars for the customer support!

Neon Green Pickleball Grip

Pulse Neon Green Hockey Tape with Black

Great products, Great customer service

I learned about VukGripz at ABCA a few years back, brought some grips back for my high school team. They really liked them, bought some for my young son, he has been using them every since. Thanks RJ!!

Love it!

Wish it was a little cheaper got a lot of kids playing but it’s all good! They love the grip!! Maybe a rewards or points system would be sweet!! Or Discounts codes every once and awhile??

Cool Grip but concerned about durability

My son loves these grips. He has one on his other bat and has worked great. Unfortunately he had this one for 4 days and it already started to fray. So, might have to go back to lizard skin.

XL Blue Bat Grip Tape
Phillip Stockton
Amazing grips

My daughter is absolutely in love with these grips. Every bat we own has them now, including my fungo and other training bats. Weather conditions have no effect on them which is always a big plus. I wish the logo printing would hold up better but that’s a very, very minor thing. As long as y’all keep making these we’ll keep using them.

My daughter loves your batting gloves as well!!

Best bat grip in the biz

We have purchased 4 grips in the past year. 2 from scheels and 2 from the website. The quality is top notch and consistent. The grip is tacky, not pine tar needed, and very comfortable. My children will only use these grips. Also, the handwritten notes within each order are kind and give it a personal touch!

Blue Grips

Excellent product, GREAT communication on order, will order again!

One Wrap Bat Grip
Mark Stilley
lefty change

Greetings RJ,
Thanks for creating an awesome product. I've purchased several.
My two most recent are the One Wraps.
I swing lefty, I've always wrapped tapes backward to better align with my fingers. With the new One wrap I installed it per instructions and it started peeling at the pointer finger of my bottom hand. I peeled it back and wrapped it backward but it didn't fully re-stick. Swings tomorrow will tell me if it worked.
I swing Short Porch Bats. When guys check out my bats they love your grip!
Off to Vegas for Senior Softball Worlds!
Mark Stillley

Best grips ever

We met a few years ago at a softball tournament tried the grips and there is no other like it.. I’m back into baseball now and had to get new ones… hands down best grips

The best

Once again love the grip! Just purchased my 5th one! Vuk is the best hands down!

Black Baseball Bat Grip Tape

As a former professional baseball player, I can say that I have used a variety of brands for my equipment needs. VukGripz bat tape has been by far the best that I have used. The grip allows me to have a better feel and control of my bat no matter the weather conditions or how sweaty my hands get during the game. 5/5 stars all around.

Pink Bat Grip Tape
Garrett Castor

top tier gripzzzzz

XL Gray Bat Grip Tape
Mark Donsbach
Best Grip in the Game

Hands down, the best grip ever. All three of my kids o my use it for their baseball and softball bats.

My son loves your tape

My son is addicted to your tape. He will not play without it.

Yellow Bat Grip Tape
Jennifer Jilek
The best bat grip hands down

This is the softest yet strongest bat grip we have ever used. It shipped really fast and when we opened the package it had a hand written note on it. Those little things make it worth buying from small businesses always. Thank you!

Field hockey grip

My daughter, a high school field hockey player, needed a new grip for her stick. We stumbled upon your product in an internet search and are glad we did. She loves it. The texture of the grip gives a secure feel. She loves the cushion of it and the look of it. We gripped the entire stick and it was easy to apply and is secure. We would definitely use again and recommend VukGripz to other players!

It's fine

Love product on bats not so much on racquets personal preference that is all

Vuk Grips

Great service and quick delivery. Ours guys love the grips we got that withstand swinging them daily.

Best Grips In the Business

We have a VukGrip problem in my house 😂. My 3 travel ball kids will only use VukGripz on their bats. They loved Lizzard Skins until we discovered these.

The best!

This has to be our 10th order of VukGripz. My son will only use their grip tape. Even when he buys a brand new bad he rips off the existing tape and replaces it with VukGripz.

Pink Bat Grip Tape
Griffin Legault
Bat gripz

These gripz are by far the best in the business. I will not order any other gripz. And i ordered the batting gloves too and they are phenomenal as well. Keep up the great work Vukgripz

Lacrosse Tape

My son is a FOGO and he loves the grip for facing off. The bright blue compliments the black and blue tape at the bottom of the shaft. Will definitely buy again!

It should be longer!!

Everything is good. I just wish it was longer.