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Best Grip on the Market

Vuk Gripz are the absolute best grips I've ever used, and I'll never wrap another bat with anything else. Ever.

Yellow Hockey Tape
Brent Wenger

Yellow Hockey Tape


I help coach a travel baseball team and they all fight over the 2 I bought they absolutely love the grips they would love for you to sponsor their bat grip so no one is left out amazing product thank you again.

Absolute game changer!!

Technology is amazing!

I wish i had this grip and batting gloves back in my high school, college, and minor league days!!

No matter the temp hot humid??? Doesn’t matter VUK grip does what it is designed to do! No slip

No worries taking a full DADDY cause the bat isn’t slipping

Thank you for your excellent service and product !!!

Extremely happy!

My boys are so happy with this grip tape. They said they refuse to use anything else from now on! Also the personalized thank you card was just such an amazing touch! Will definitely be buying again!

Best Golf Glove I’ve ever used!!

This is my second golf glove. I bought one for a friend and he loves his now too. My first glove lasted over a season. I play in two leagues and try to play at least three days a week. This glove it amazing. Grips without over squeezing! Awesome!!!

Awesome grip/ damaged in shipping

Awesome grips. Have bought multiple times. Everytime has been great until the last but it was the delivery teams fault not the vuk company. Grip was damaged enough were it couldnt be used. There grips are the best and would recommend anyone to them.

Yellow Bat Grip Tape
Phillip Jones
Wrapping process harder than it looks

Your wrap is very sticky and it’s hard to keep it from sticking to itself

Neon Orange Bat Grip Tape
Eddie Cleveland
Awesome Bat Grip

I like your bat grip a lot. It has a good feel and appears to be very durable. I haven’t used it in rain yet but feel it will outperform other grips. Excellent product. How much does the tape weigh?

Great grip

Was a little tricky getting it on, but once I got it loved the way it felt. Definitely will buy again...

Best Grip Tape Out There

Best feel under ANY condition bar none. Your ability to grip whether it’s wet or dirty does not change.

Have on all my sons bats


Awesome just had a hard time putting it on

Black Lacrosse Tape
Avery White
Best Grip Tape!!

This tape is seriously like no other. Provides amazing grip with no chance of slipping due to sweat or rain! We love this tape!

excellent grip

my daughter now swears by these for travel softball

Get Vuk'd

Best Gripz around! Can't keep them on the shelf. Super easy to wrap, wrapped hundreds of them. Kids love the "Nerd Power" Gripz!

I don’t like it I love it

Perfect grip


The best grip tape. I have used many different kinds but this is by far the best.

Love it.

I have these grips on all my bats. They have been the best grips I’ve owned by far.

VUK XL grip tape

My son loves the grip. This is the second bag we have wrapped in the group is way more superior than your competitors.

Great product

The VUK grip is not only originally comfortable but also has out lasted every other grip we have used!!

The glove fits perfectly. I've only hit a bucket at the range so far. The combo of the glove and performance grip felt great. Can't wait for softball season to wind down so I have more time to get out on the course.

First timer

I ordered these for my 11 year old and have had them for a couple weeks. So far so good.

Black Tennis Overgrip
Jeffrey Cardin

Great feel once on! Extremely difficult to install on a racquet.

The best

These are the only batting gloves that my soft baller likes. They last and that’s the best part.

Love them

Have ordered 6 so far. Great way to honor a great man