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Love the grips

We visited your booth at the CWS and my son fell in love with your grips. Now both he and his little brother have them on all of their bats. They really have a unique feel and great grip.

Great Grip

Tried Vuk Grips at a PLL game. I now have it on my sticks and have another order in for my kids sticks.

Hands don’t move!

Saw the Vukgrip at a coaches clinic and I liked it. Bought some and the people who liked it more are my players. They say their hands are on that bat and they have never felt more connected!

Best tape I’ve found

This is the only I tape I will spend my money on and only tape I will ever use on any sports equipment here’s why. The first time I ever used tape was when they asked me to answer quick question about the their lacrosse tape, while I try out their tape. After I finished the the questions they gave me a roll to use on my stick for the lacrosse tournament I was currently playing in. I used the tape throughout the game and instantly had to buy more since this is the only tape that has not ripped, not peeled off, and not loosing its grip. After the tornament I went to their website and bought too much to tape to count to use for my lacrosse sticks. After using the tape throughout the season I’ve had many of my friends come up to me and asked “where did u get this tape from.” And I’ve said to them it’s vukgrips lax tape. Now all my friends have it and love it.

Love it

Very good quality, unfortunately one of them came out defective but the other one is really nice…

Best bat grip

I finally pulled the trigger and tried out this bat grip. Been seeing videos on YouTube forever. I think they are the best grip tape, I let everyone feel my bat and everyone just says woah. I will definitely be using this for every bay from now on

XL grip is XL great!

Beat grip on the market. I like a big overlap on my wrap, and the XL Allie’s for that with plenty of grip to spare!

Great Tape!

This was our first time taping our stick and it was easy and seamless! Will def be buying more!


I own over 30 slow pitch softball bats and every one has a VUK GRIPZ on it!! 💪🏻🥎

Best Grips!!

I bought these grips for my son a few years ago when lax con was in Philly. He loved them! My son is starting the season with both sticks wrapped and ready to go. Great product!

Everyone that’s picked up my bats including myself have loved the way they feel!

Fogo tape

Awesome! Played in a rain and snowy game and still had grip! Wayyyyy better then normal tape

Red FOGO Lacrosse Tape

Son thinks it's the best grip ever

I've been purchasing Vukgripz for my son's bats for the past 4 seasons. He likes his grip thin and Vukgripz was the first one we found to be thin, but comfortable at the same time. The product is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Howler White Batting Gloves

My Senior has worn these gloves for years and they are the only ones that he wants to order every time! Great quality!

a gripping review

I'm a head coach for my two son's for little league and travel baseball, there isn't a bat they use that does not have VUKGripz on it now, and other kids on teams have begun to ordering the tape as well. One son does not wear batting gloves and the texture and extra tack, lets him hold the bat lighter in his hands which seems to helps remove that stress point, and helped build his confidence and focus his attention on the pitch. The white grip shows the dirt faster, but he likes the way it looks "worn in" and the dirt doesnt change the the way it feels.

Black Tennis Overgrip
Peter Vidulich
Tennis grip

Daughter really liked new grip

Good grip

Good grip and great guy running it

Pulse bat grip

Great product. Fast delivery. Great price

PLL Lacrosse Tape - WATERDOGS
Phillip Dunegan Jr
My Son Loves His New Grips

As soon as we got the first grip, we ordered another grip, highly recommended!

Pickle ball paddle grip

Great customer service. The grip itself is as described and works as they claim. I live in Hawaii and it’s always hot and I’m always sweaty, this grip helps to keep the paddle from slipping from my grip. I like the cushion feel and thickness , which helps with my tennis elbow and reminds me to not over tighten my grip. Great product, worth the couple extra bucks.

Satisfied Customer.

Does not get slippery like many other grips. Was able to remove it and put it on another bat. Very durable.

15U HS player loves VukGripz

The Pulse White grip tape is the perfect compliment for my 15U HS player's custom wood bat. As with all VukGripz products, he likes the 'feel' of of the tape above other brands. Durability and look is superior!

Top notch service as always, but keep improving the product

We've been buying Vuk products for probably 2 years now, with RJ and the small but mighty Vuk crew always providing top notch service. When I say they go above and beyond, I mean it- be it to make something right with a product that wasn't perfect, or to find you product that was sold out online but they took one more look and found what I needed in the size that I needed, to surprise my kid with something he'd asked for specifically. I otherwise wouldn't have been able to get, for certain. My son's rocked probably 5 pairs of Vuk gloves and loves the look and the feel, and as a pitcher, he loves the additional grip they provide when combined with the tape, without having to mess with pine tar or other sticky substances. Only issue is, as he grows and gets stronger, the palms are lasting shorter and shorter amounts of time. The products are innovative, the people are fantastic, and it's a home grown business - what's not to love? I'm hoping that as time marches on, the gloves continue to improve to where the palms (where the grippy "fingers" are) can be beefed up and given a little more durability.

Great wraps

Vukgripz are terrific. Thinner than Lizard Skins, but much better grip. Terrific right on wood bat and worked great going right over existing grip on DeMarini metal.