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Perfect item,

Amazing grip!

I have half my stick taped and I love it! The grips allow me to have more control and powerful shots without having to worry about my stick slipping through my hands. The grip is also not bulky and doesn't change the hold of the stick which is very hard to find with grips that overlay your original tape.

Best Grip

My son loves the new PG option and that It is available in XL! #VukPack

Prowler Black Batting Gloves

I’ve been using your gloves for over 6yrs. Best gloves out there. These fit great and grip great. I tell everyone they’re the best out there.


Unique grip that really works


My whole family loves these grips. I use them on all of our bats!!

Howler Red Batting Gloves.

I absolutely love my howler Red batting gloves. I love a thicker glove that protects my thumb, and the howlers do that without being bulky. I'm in a wood bat league, and I bought many batting gloves. I bought the Howlers last as the price scares me. Lol I was I would have bought them first as I would have saved me money. They are worth every penny. Maybe you could add many exciting colors, or make them customizable. 5 stars

Best Grips Around

Every since my daughter discovered the VukGripz, she wants them on every bat she had/has. She has 4 different bats wrapped with VukGripz, even her new bats get re-wrapped before use.

My son doesn't use batting gloves so when he's hands gets sweaty he said he still has a good grip on the bat

My 8year old love's he's new grips he said they fill better than his other grips

Awesome grips

I have two baseball players and a lax/field hockey player. We will be ordering more of these grips for all!

Awesome Grip

My son loves them!!


Awesome grips!!

I buy nothing but vuk grip tape now. Best there is.

Best grips on the market! The only grips I recommend to anyone

Love the grip

Easily the best grip I've ever used. The grip lasts a long time and is super grippy!

Love this pink

The pink really mades it pop and the grip lasts a long time unliked any other grip I've tried! Super grippy and super stylish.

PG grip

I got one of these and they are so nice! Very good grip

Bat grip

Best grip out there! Highly recommend!


All White Batting Gloves + Batting Title

I left a review for the white bat grip but wanted to do a review on the white batting gloves too! My husband won the batting title using these gloves! He loves the way the grips work with the gloves! No more pine tar stains anymore!

Batting Title Champion with White Bat Grip

These bat grips are so awesome! My husband won the batting title in 2018 in the Mahoning County AA league while rocking VUK for the 1st time and he has used VUK since! He also uses the all white batting gloves and loves the feeling of both the bat tape and batting gloves! Can’t beat American Made!

The vuk difference

I bought this grip nearly a week ago now and already has helped make a huge change in the box, to start off you don’t even need batting gloves to have a comfortable grip, I have also found that the feel of the grip helps me stay relaxed in the box, and lastly the message sticker that came with it that says adjust helps me stay calm in the box

Great grip

Had a little issue in getting started with the tapered handle, but was able to overcome the problem. The grip feels like a cross between Athletic tape and rubber. Actually a great feel and see the benefits from moisture. BP has been great. Look to use on other bats going forward.

Grip snd gloves

Best grip on the market. Figured I would give the gloves a try.