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Kids love them!

Get em while their hot! These donut grips are a hit and definitely popular at my last tournament.

"I love this donut grip because my bat has gotta eat!" said one player.

Great field hockey grip!

This was exactly what I was looking for! My stick was slipping and shifting, turning in my hand during hits because of a slippery grip. This solved that problem brilliantly! I use one grip at the top and I haven’t had my grip shift once.

bat tape

best bat grip on the market.

Neon Orange Bat Grip Tape
Christopher Baranick
The Best Bat Grip You Can buy!

My now 13 year old travel ball player has been using Vuk Gripz on his bats for years. He likes the grips on top of the existing grips as the Vuk Gripz are not thick. The grips are sticky and have a spongy feel to them. Anyone who try’s my son’s bats love the way the way the Vuk Gripz feels. If you buy a grip you will not be disappointed!

Great Shirt

Very comfortable and well made shirt!

The best

These are by far the most durable and best batting gloves that we have used.

USA Baseball Bat Grip Tape (Team USA)

XL Blue Bat Grip Tape
Gabriel Cedillo
Amazing Grip!!!

I'm a loyal Vuk gripz user and I absolutely love these grips! I finally just had to replace one after about 4 seasons. You'll never regret buying this grip!

Patriot Batting Gloves
Wilfredo Pagan
Great design and excellent quality

I’m very happy with my new vukgripz batting gloves. Excellent grip and very comfortable.

My sons only use VukGripz now

Both my boys have VukGripz on all of their bats, Wood, USSSA, USA, and BBCOR. We don't really even consider other grips anymore. In fact, when they get a new bat, the brand new factory grip comes off and a Vuk goes on. I bought this Perfect Game Vuk to go on his new bat to commemorate his go-ahead homerun in a PG championship game. He was pretty stoked about the new grip and the meaning behind it.

Best grip

The graphics and color of this grip are by far the best yet . Can’t wait to order some more . #Vukdup

Not that great

The white and blue from logo come off with just one time use. Wrapped the bat and it was coming off in my hand . Other wraps are amazing just ordered more but will stay way from that one

I have purchased 4 different grips and have used 2 of them so far. My son loves them with the only exception within 2 or 3 games the screen print designs are faded and/or gone. I just bought the limited edition donut grip. My son is thrilled to get it, but we feel within a week the design will be gone and it will just be a pink grip

Same length as the less expensive one

I figured since this was a couple dollars more than the other hockey vukgripz version and the picture of it on the stick seemed to go down further that this version hadore length... Not the case. Save the couple bucks and buy the other hockey version. Otherwise love the product.

XL bat grip


Batting glove falling apart after two uses

It looks like one of the batting gloves are ripping apart after two uses

Best bat wrap around!

I’ve had 3 of your bat wraps and found them to be excellent! Like you advertised, nice and soft so you don’t have to grip bat handle too tightly allowing for better hand/wrist action.

Love it but wearing quickly.

I’ve had it on my new bat for about a week and played a few games and a lot of BP. It’s a great grip and holding up better than other grips but still showing some wear after a week’s use. Thanks for a quality product.

Terrible bay grips

By far the worst grips I’ve ever bought due to the fact that they will not go on straight. Impossible to put this bat grip on straight without a crazy amount of wrinkles. If I could return it I definitely would.

Best around

Lizard was my go too !!! Hell no now!! I want to see more colors and design !!! They are the best I have in my bag and team is switching over too . Thank you for the Sticky note very nice touch makes you feel like part of the family.

Best bat grip I’ve ever used!

The VikGripz feel is almost too hard to describe, you really have to feel it for yourself. Very grippy, but not sticky. Definitely different to apply to the bat than other grips, so be sure to watch the tutorial on their website.

Howler Brown Batting Gloves

Son loves them

These are the favorite of my son (15u).

Gray Bat Grip Tape
Doug Wunsch
Grips are great!! Logo and lettering need work.

My son and his teammate love your grips. We have them on all of his bats at this point. I will buy more in the future. Only complaint is the paint with the vuk name and lettering comes off to easy.

Best Grip!

Just got this grip for my son and he loves it. Definitely order the xl perfect length.