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Not that impressed

Ok so i bought my first grip wrapped my bat day of tournament thought it was great. So i bought more. But now a week later at league night 3rd at bat my bottom hand slips same with fourth and changed batting glove for 5th a.b and bat with another vuk grip was to worried about it slipping again no rain just cheap Franklin gloves that were sweaty.

Grips are awesome!

Stars & American Flag Bat Grip Tape

Vuk Gripz best grips out there!

Recently switched my sons’ bat grips to Vuk Gripz and they love it. No more spongy grips that tear or separate after time. Try em, you’ll love em! Mahalo from Hawaii!


They worked perfectly

Amazing field hockey grips

The regular grip on my daughter’s very expensive stick gets slippery in high humidity or rain - so much where the stick slips out of her hand and hard to grip tight for control. I remember talking to the Vukgripz guys at a tournament and ordered a grip. My daughter is thrilled with the non-slip grip and claims her shot is harder than ever before. This grip works and I highly recommend it for people seeking a tighter grip in all conditions.

Yellow Bat Grip Tape
kevin przybyszewski
Awesome grips

It’s my fifth grip and my son loves it.

Great Grip

Best grips I've ever used. I love backing a local company and it's great because they have an unbelievable product.

Best glove on the market

These are the most durable gloves I have been able to find. All around built better than the others and paired with the bat grip, they out perform all the others

Pink Bat Grip Tape
Brian Martin

My 11 yo loves the grip

American Flag Golf Grip
Javier Gutierrez
Vuk golf grip

Very contable easy to install and never lose your grip using them

Great grips

My daughter plays field hockey and thinks this is the best grip. Her hands sweat a lot and this grip does not let them slip at all. We will definitely be ordering more in the future

My go to batting gloves!!

Vuk Howlers are my favorite batting gloves with vukgrip combo. Gloves are well built this is my second set. First set are still in great shape, some of the grip pads are a bit warn but the gloves them self are still in great shape and I still use them for BP.

Worth the $$

Great product! Only ever had issues with gloves…Ripped within a month…grips are amazing!

Amazing Bat Grips

These grips are truly the best in the business. They are easy to put on the bat and forgiving if you mess up and need to realign. I fell in love with these grips right away and use them on the bats for my team. I look forward to continued use of these grips and will spread the word to anyone looking to regrip their bat. I carry an extra with me at all times! Thank you RJ for making these grips!

Best grips

Been using Vuk grips for years now and can't find a better grip that that can beat it.

Most comfortable grip out there!

My 14U son loves VukGripz! He says its the most comfortable grip he's ever used.

Pink Bat Grip Tape
Duane Rucker

Enjoying the pink vuk grip. However I'm still waiting for the xl pink vuk grip to be back in stock 😂

Nice grip

kid really likes to feel of the grip on his new wood victus. Improved bat speed 14. 86mph

White Pickleball Grip
joe Donaldson
Review of Vuk grip

The Vuk grip was suggested to me as I live in Florida and deal with high humidity. First off, if you buy the grip, read the instructions prior to installation. It just goes on a bit differently than a regular wrap grip material. The grip has a shark skin like feel and was as advertised very good in the high humidity. No slippage due to sweat. The only thing I didn’t care for was the soft spongy feel of the grip. I installed it as an over grip so that could have been the reason for the soft feel. But once again the grip was good if you sweat a great deal.

Great Product

My son has used multiple grips in the past, Vuk by far the best. Quick delivery and awesome customer service. Used in the past and will use again!

Wonderful grip!

I buy this grip for every one of my sons bats. This is now #6 and counting. There is not a better product on the market. He absolutely loves the feel and hold of this grip. I firmly believe this grip has only helped his hitting. We paired the grip up with the batting gloves and this worked very well for him this past season.

VukGripz are still number one in my book

Still very grippy and add them with the vukgrip gloves :) complete magic

Best bat grip, by far!

My family has been using Vukgripz on our bats for a couple years now and it is by far the best! My oldest eats grips up and these have lasted far longer then all the competitors we’ve tried.

Red Vuk bat grip

Awesome grip! Love the feel of it. Especially when you get the batting gloves. The only downfall to the product is that with batting gloves other than vuk, the grip can get a little slippery.