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Mystery Grip

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$9.99 USD
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$16.99 USD
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$9.99 USD

Adding a Mystery Grip adds that sense of surprise to your order! When you select your sport, we will pick out a completely random grip from our blemished inventory and package it up in the order.  What is blemished inventory you may ask? Our blemished inventory is made up of grips that didn't pass the "design inspection" during our manufacturing process. The performance of the grip is unbothered. But, sometimes our designs may come out with a "blem" that doesn't meet our standard. Most wouldn't be able to even tell what we are talking about. But, since we proudly make all of our grips in the USA, we have tons of eyeballs on each grip and can pinpoint those little things!

The grip selected is completely random. Whatever random design we grab at that moment is what you are going to get! To make it an even bigger surprise, we don't even know what we are picking as these aren't sorted by color, design, etc! The MYSTERY is real all around!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Grip is comfy and seems durable so far!


Very happy with choice of grip and very quick and good grip! 10/10 recommend!

Great Lax grip. Just bought more for Baseball and Field Hockey sticks


Ryan Marsh
Great feel, will determine quality after some use.

Just received my order and applied the grips to my bats. I play softball and my son plays middle school level baseball. We’ll see how the quality holds up. So far the grips feel great and seem to reduce off hit stinging.

Valerie Phillips

Was hoping the mystery grip would be a solid color, not a design.