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  • White bat grip tape to wrap around a bat for batting practice with increased grip and increased friction
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Pulse Series Bat Grip Tape - White

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$14.99 USD

White Bat Grip Tape with Black Designs!

Swag out your bat with our version of a white bat grip! Our Award-Winning White Bat Tape adds another variation to bring you our version of a white bat grip

The Best Bat Grips are ones that perform for you in any condition! Also, these are thin like bat tape, but have unmatched exit velocity increases for players! Get the most out of your muscles by adding fluidity to your swing from the Premium Friction our bat wraps provide!

Our American Made design and process allows our grip to be thin, but again- extremely durable because of our friction properties! 

If you need help or tips applying our bat grips, be sure to hit up our How to Wrap a Bat page on our website! Don't be afraid to check out our Amazon page as well! Click here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
kyle niemeyer
Great wraps

My kid had me specifically tear off his bat wraps for these. He is 9yrs old and was pumped to have them on his bats. Now, I will say they are a bit to get used to wrap, but the quality is bar none. Maybe put a wrap line 1/8" on the wrap top may help since there are no guide lines on the wrap.

jed merz
Christmas present

got tape for my grandson for this season coming up, he loves it. In some wood bat tournaments this year.

Mitch Bancroft
Awesome grips

I love these grips and more importantly my son loves them. They are a different feel than the more common types of grips out there. VUK grips give you the best non slip grip on the bat on the market. I’ll never have another grip that isn’t VUK.

Rich Reierson
Best Grip for the bats

Instead of a clone rubber grip, this is a spongy grip that is amazing, Totally worth the money.

Stephen Brancaccio
Purchased two vuk grips

Amazing service and the hand written note was a great touch