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  • VukGripz Prowler White Baseball Batting Gloves and Softball Batting Gloves
  • VukGripz Prowler White Baseball Batting Gloves and Softball Batting Gloves with Black Palm Grip
  • Baseball batting gloves and softball batting gloves
  • Baseball batting gloves and softball batting gloves
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Prowler White Batting Gloves

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Why are the Prowler White Batting Gloves Different?

VukGripz developed the award-winning, white batting gloves that have changed the way players grip their bats! Our American Made gripping power on the palms gives players the ability to "Grip Lighter - Holder Tighter" even more with our technology! 

  • Palms Grips (Durability Pads) : Used to Increase Friction and provide Palm Protection that occurs during the Swing!
    • Instead of the leather palms taking abuse from the swing like every alternative glove, our gloves will be protected by our grips! The grips will breakdown before the leather, thereby protecting the leather!
    • Rate of wear will depend on the hitter! But, each hitter will get to see our durability technology live and in action!
  • Finger Grips (Performance Pads): We were taught as kids to get the bat out into our fingers. Our finger grips will grab onto the bat and allow the hitter to gain optimum grip from increased relaxation!
    • These finger grips will not show the same signs of wear and will last longer than those that are gripping onto the bat!

How can these Prowler White Batting Gloves increase my Exit Velocity?

The philosophy behind our Prowler White Batting Gloves is our technology on the palm! We are the first company to focus on Grippy, instead of stick, tacky coatings that enhance grip. Those sticky coatings are only on the top layer of alternative batting gloves. After short use, that coating gets worn out and loses its enhancement. With VUK, our Grippy is built into the entire pad. So, after extended use, players will still get to benefit from the gripping power of our white batting gloves! Because of the enhanced gripping power of VukGripz, players will be able to get the bat further out in their fingers! They will be able to "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter," which increases a players relaxation in their muscles! Increased relaxation will give players more flexibility and range of motion! Both of those will help players gain natural whip and control! Both of those factors equal exit velocity!


Sizing our Prowler White Batting Gloves is easy with our sizing chart! With our heavy-duty leather and strong stitching, our gloves are made snug. So, bumping up to the next size isn't a big jump! Be sure to measure from the tip of your middle finger down to where your hand meets the wrist! We take it a step further and have you measure the width as well (across the widest part of your hand)! Although we use the same leather as our Howler Batting Gloves, the Howler model uses a stretchy backing on the entire back of the glove. Whereas, the Prowler White Batting Gloves have extensive leather on the back of the glove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jason B
Great Product and Even Better Service

Love the gloves and the grip is insane. I'm impressed at how well they work in wet weather when paired with the Vuk Gripz. As for customer service, it's been phenomenal. Great communication and truly a personalized and interactive experience as only a small business can provide.

Jason A Mapes
prowler white batting gloves

The gloves started to rip on the fist tournament. 3rd game into the weekend the gloves started to rip. Love the bat grips but the last 2 pair of batting gloves have ripped early. Not sure I will purchase the batting gloves again.

Jason Tomczak
The best (but one complaint)

My son is a very good baseball player and LOVES the VukGripz. He also loves practice. He used to have a problem with sweaty hands or losing grip when there was high humidity (have to remain loose in your grip with you swing). When he got VukGripz for the first time a year ago, he fell in love. They are truly perfect for him. MY ONLY COMPLAINT is this. He practices a TON and they just don’t hold up. In the last year, he has no gone through 6 pairs as well as 3 bat grips. I don’t know if there is a way to make them studier or not but they don’t hold up very well to daily use. Maybe I just need to let him continue playing for a couple more years and then get him sponsored by Vuk. Haha

Ryan Craig
Great Gloves

Have been a customer for a few years and will continue to be one moving forward. Would like more information on other styles of gloves. We have only bought this one style

Marques Hernandez

Ive been buying the wrong batting gloves. Ive never NOT gotten blisters with the COUNTLESS pairs of gloves Ive used in the past. The measurement guide helped tremendously. The grip is outstanding to say the least and it makes you feel like you are using God's sword in your hands. Im in love and it's my last love this time...