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  • American Flag Lacrosse Grip. White lacrosse stick tape with USA stars
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American Flag Lacrosse Tape

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The Best American Flag Lacrosse Tape!

We developed the 1st American Made, USA Lacrosse Grip Tape! This is product is designed to perform in every condition and under every circumstance! We are proud to be able to produce a product that is homegrown! Every company may find it easier to manufacture overseas! But, in order to get something different, great, and better for players, we had think out of the box! And, that involved making this lacrosse tape in the USA!

Lacrosse Tape Covers Roughly 11-13" of the Lacrosse Stick when using VukGripz Wrapping Instructions

- Diameter of the lacrosse stick will play a part of tape coverage

- Wrapping style will also play a part in tape coverage

How can this increase my shot speed or stick control?

Players workout hard to separate themselves from the competition! But, all of that hard work goes out the window if a player does not have their best grip on their stick. The moment any extra slip or unwanted movement of a players hands occur, that player loses performance! So, our American Flag Lacrosse Grip Tape provides the grip for you. Because of this, it helps players "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter!" The benefit of Optimum Grip will help players gain relaxation in their muscles! This relaxation will increase a players range of motion and flexibility! Those increases will then translate into more fluidity in their movements, which increase their stick control, shot accuracy and shot speed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shannon Hare
Great product

The boys loves these grips on their lacrosse sticks. They don't wear off as fast as others (we play a lot of lacrosse) and they like the color options to change out occasionally. They are also super easy to install for a mom who never played lacrosse before, but is now the official equipment manager of our "team". Thank you for such a great product. Highly recommend to all athletes!

victoria dunn
D- Pole loves them

Switched from previous grips a few months ago and will not look back. Loves the feel and consistency.

Suzanne John
Grandson Smiles!

One tickled grandson with gear to fix LaCross he’s & his Dad to fix his hockey stick to! Happy Christmas in our house - thanks 🙏

Larry Oniskey
So far so good

We purchased the tape at the end of the season so we haven’t been able to really test it out. My son used it for his tryout for his club team, which was probably the equivalent of two games. So far he likes it, he has used snake skin in the past, which has barely lasted a game or two, so your product is definitely more durable. Probably could use less advertising on the tape, be more similar to your fogo tape, which is just blank. Maybe just do your name at the top and bottom

Rosemarie Cuccia

American Flag Lacrosse Tape