How to Wrap a Bat

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[zozo_vc_feature_box title=”“DIY-Friendly“ Project” title_size=”40px”]Wrapping a baseball or softball bat may seem like a very nerve-racking! Don’t panic! VukGripz makes it easy with its bat tape! This bat grip is very thin. Unlike most popular alternatives that may be bulky and cannot be manipulated or stretch, this bat grip can be stretched! VukGripz made it very easy by making both ends of the grip tapered. So, we always suggest making sure the “logos/wording” face up as you wrap (just a helpful tip). But, this bat tape can be applied either way; so no worries! Another very, very helpful tip is to make sure to not take off the bat grip’s liner all at once. The adhesive that VukGripz has chose is very aggressive and sticky, unlike most other grips or tapes. Taking off all the liner may cause the grip to start to stick to things you may not want it to stick too (I.E. – pants, table, itself, bat, etc.). Just take your time and go slowly! As you are wrapping your bat and you see the grip start to curl or bubble, DO NOT PANIC! Just undue the grip and manipulate it to be flat. As you finish the wrap job, add a piece of finishing tape (if included, or electrical tape will make a nice finish) to the end of the grip. This helps make sure the grip is protected from the bat being thrown, people picking at it, the end gets hit, etc.

We have all been there! Just bought a brand new bat and wrapped a brand new grip to put on it. First swing: CRAAAACK! You just broke your bat! VukGripz is here for you! You can remove the VukGripz bat tape from the broken bat and reapply it to another bat. Watch the video for the best way to take it off and reapply it.[/zozo_vc_feature_box]

Helpful Tips for Wrapping A Bat:

Metal Bats:
-Remove all manufacturer stickers if possible. If you do not wish to remove those stickers, wrap athletic tape over those. Grips of all kinds would much rather stick to the bat handle itself instead of a shiny, slick sticker. The alternative to the bat handle is athletic tape. It is recommended to wrap the athletic tape in the opposite direction that the grip will go on!
- Remove any added, factory tapers at the bottom of the handle. These tapers cause many issues for all bat grips. These tapers are usually soft. Bat Grips love to stick to something that provides it with support, rather than something that is squishy. Also, the squishy taper does move. With that moving, that taper will cause anything on top of it to move with it. Also, those tapers are not help onto the bat very well. If you do not want to take off the taper, it is recommended to wrap athletic tape firmly over the taper. Start at the bottom of that taper, apply tension to the athletic tape and begin wrapping the athletic tape over that taper (be sure to overlap the athletic tape). Continue until the entire taper is covered and it looks like the athletic tape is securely holding the taper to the bat. By doing this, you provide a more firm support for the taper by eliminating the squishy-ness of it and by not allowing that taper to twist during a swing. This will help prevent many bat tapes from failing!

Wood Bats:
- Wood bats with larger tapers are a little more challenging to wrap than bats with smaller tapers. With a VukGripz Bat Grip, you do not, and should not, have to overstretch the grip for it to lay flat. Simply apply a slight tension to the grip and use your thumb to flatten/smooth the grip around the taper. See the video below for a great visual explanation!


With VukGripz Bat Grips, you can simply lay the grip on the bat with light tension!


With VukGripz Bat Tape, the adhesive is very strong, and sticky, unlike most competitor bat grips. Be sure to take your time and remove the liner as you are installing the grip.