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  • Pink VukGripz Baseball Bat Grip Tape and Pink Softball Bat Grip Tape, pink tape
  • Pink VukGripz Baseball Bat Grip Tape and Pink Softball Bat Grip Tape, pink tape
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Pink Bat Grip Tape

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$14.99 USD

Do Baseball Players use Pink Bat Grip Tape?

There is nothing wrong with rocking pink bat grips and bat wraps as you hit bombs! Just so you know, this pink bat grip is unlike any of the others! The main reason is that our products are not leather/rubber! We designed this grip to provide Premium Friction in any condition! So, allow this to assist you every second in the batter's box! Also, no need for pine tar, tiger stick or bat spray adhesive to increase your hold on the bat! This product has it built in! Don't worry, these are great softball bat grips!

What is Premium Friction?

Every company in the world focuses on sticky, tacky properties to increase your hold on your bat. VUK decided to change it up and focus on Friction! Premium Friction is the ability to grip your bat in any weather! Whether it is pink bat grip tape or American Flag batting tape, the ability to gain in dry conditions and maintain in all conditions will increase your performance! How can Premium Friction do this? Unlike Lizard Skin Bat Grips, Vulcan Bat Tape or Rawlings Batting Grips, VUK focuses on Gripping Lighter, while Holding Tighter! If you can do this, you have the ability to gain relaxation and flexibility! This happens because the increase in friction decrease the natural slip that occurs during the swing!

Players may or may not want the pink bat tape to extend up the handle. If you do not or don't care, this batting grip will work great! If you prefer to have the batting tape stick out high above your hands, head to our XL Batting Grips by Clicking Here! Be sure to peep the extreme, pool test to see how strong this pink batting tape really is! Click right here to view the awesomeness on YouTube!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Adrian Hightower
Best Bat Grip Yet

First off the installation video was easy to follow. Once grip was installed instant comfort and significant grip. Haven't felt the need for pine tar and I have a pretty aggressive swing.

Matt Warder
Great grip - get one!

Grip has perfect amount of soft with perfect grip. It is not slippery and does well on damp days. I highly recommend these grips

Jennifer H
son loves it

Put the Vuk on my son's 2022 Meta and he was immediately impressed! He wants to get more grips for the other bats he uses! The only negative is that you can't really wipe it clean so once pine tar is on there its stuck to the grip. Not a deal breaker though, I'll just switch the grip to a new Vuk once it gets too brown.

Lara R.
Love it but wearing quickly.

I’ve had it on my new bat for about a week and played a few games and a lot of BP. It’s a great grip and holding up better than other grips but still showing some wear after a week’s use. Thanks for a quality product.

michael maxham
Un surpassed quality !

Unsurpassed quality and stickiness. I will never buy another grip ! The baseball ⚾️ gods have smiled upon us when VukGripz were born !