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  • Select 2.0 Black and White Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves
  • Select 2.0 Black and White Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves
  • Baseball batting Gloves, Softball Batting gloves, batting gloves baseball
  • Baseball batting Gloves, Softball Batting gloves, batting gloves baseball
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Select 2.0 Batting Gloves

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Select 2.0 Batting Gloves:

The Select 2.0 Batting Gloves were revamped and updated from our Select Batting Gloves! The new changes that occurred are:

  • Kept the same Strong, Durable Goat Skin Leather with Spandex Material to help flex and move with hand!
  • New Features for the Select 2,0 Batting Gloves, so players can play better!
    • Added double stitching to all palm grips mixed with a cross pattern!
    • Added a comfortable, neoprene wrist and wrist strap for a tighter and more comfortable fit
    • Extended wrist cuff for support
    • We added our WOLF logo to the back of the glove and VukGripz to the wrist strap
  • These 2.0 Batting Gloves still offer our American Made, "Slip Resistant" Technology, Vibration Dampening, and Easy Release Properties!
  • Thousands of gripping fingers offer the ability to grip lighter and hold tighter, while providing unmatched gripping power in wet and oily conditions!
  • Utilize gloves in combination with VukGripz Baseball Bat Grips!
  • Up to 4.4% more bat speed when used directly with a VukGripz Grip!*
  • 270% increase in grip/friction when used as a system with a VukGripz Grip in wet, cold and moist conditions vs a traditional bat grip and batting glove system!*

2.0 Batting Glove DURABILITY:

  • These are Breathable, Lightweight, and have a Stretchy Back for Premier Fit!
  • Our palms are Double Padded, Soft Leather for Superior Performance and Durability! All Howler Batting Gloves use American Made Technology on the Palms! The Palm Grips are the Same that our Award Winning Bat Grips are made out from!
    • VukGripz Grips on the Palms are used to Increase Friction & Provide Palm Protection that occurs during the Swing!
      • Palms Grips (Durability Pads): used to Increase Friction, but will Provide Palm Protection that occurs during the Swing!
        • Instead of the leather palms taking abuse from the swing like every alternative glove, our gloves will be protected by our grips! The grips will breakdown before the leather protecting it!
        • Rate of wear will depend on the hitter! But, each hitter will get to see our durability technology live and in action!
      • Finger Grips (Performance Pads): we were taught as kids to get the bat out into our fingers. Our finger grips will grab onto the bat and allow the hitter to gain optimum grip from increased relaxation!
        • These finger grips will not show the same signs as wear and will last longer as those are gripping onto the bat!

The VukGripz material is used to help increase the friction between the batting gloves and the bat. Greater friction helps eliminate slip. By eliminating slip, athletes will not lose energy during their swing. So, no loss of energy will turn into increased bat speed. When paired with the VukGripz Bat Grip, this VukGripz system will provide the greatest amount of consistent grip on the market compared to any bat grip and batting gloves. But, we have players using our products separately as well!

Be sure to pair our BG's with our Award-Winning Bat Grips! Do this on the website or on Amazon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan VanTilburg
Batting Gloves

The VukGripz batting gloves are the best on the market. I met RJ at the ABCA convention in Indy a few years back and have been a loyal customer since!

Amanda Ramirez
Best batting gloves ever

I have been playing ball since I was a kid and these batting glove by far are the best batting gloves I've ever had. The grip is amazing during anytime of weather. If you don't have these you need to don't second guess them!!!

Jason Johnson
Select 2.0 batting gloves

Extremely comfortable gloves with outstanding grip. Only reason for 4 star rating is I haven't had a chance to consistently use them

Paul Tinebro
Best grips ever

We met a few years ago at a softball tournament tried the grips and there is no other like it.. I’m back into baseball now and had to get new ones… hands down best grips

ronald banks

Select 2.0 Batting Gloves