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Lacrosse Positions and Gameplay

Lacrosse is a sport played between two teams. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing or carrying the ball into their goal. There are typically ten players per team, but this can vary depending on age and gender. 

Each of the lacrosse positions that you see during a lacrosse game has a specific role on the field. All of these positions for work together to block and score goals.  

Lacrosse Stick Control and Lacrosse stick Tape

The most important aspect of lacrosse gameplay is control over your stick.  Control over your lacrosse stick is the most important part of lacrosse because you use your stick to catch, throw, and even hit your opponent.  Because the lacrosse stick is the center of every single play in lacrosse, it is essential that you have a great grip on your lacrosse stick.  

Lacrosse stick tape is a must because it helps to increase the friction between your hand and your lacrosse stick.  Using lacrosse stick tape gives you unmatched performance benefits, like shot speed, stick control, and passing accuracy.  VukGripz lacrosse stick tape is your best option for slip resistance and all of the positions for lacrosse can benefit from using lacrosse tape.

Positions of Lacrosse - Attackmen:

These are your forwards on the field. They are typically composed of two attackmen and one center (who is also an attackman). Their position tries to score goals.  They're also responsible for digging ground balls out from their defensive end.  This is the area between both teams' midfield lines.  They do this to help gain possession back if it has gone into your team's defensive zone. 

Attackmen should be able to dodge well because there is a lot of dodging during lacrosse gameplay which means they need to avoid defenders who will try blocking or "sliding " into them as they make their way towards the goal

Positions of Lacrosse - Midfielders: 

Some positions of lacrosse have more mobility during games. Midfielders tend to move up and down the entire field more often than any other player does on both offense and defense.  Midfielders should be quick and fast because they need to run back and forth across the entire field. You'll also occasionally see midfielders make a good pass or catch in order to keep the momentum going for their team.  Having good lacrosse stick control is very necessary for this position as they are running and pivoting quickly.  They need to make sure that their lacrosse sticks do not become loose or drop while they are running.  

Positions of Lacrosse- Defenseman:

Defensemen are the players who stick to a more defensive role on the field. These lacrosse players spend their time digging ground balls in their team's defensive end in order to gain possession of it back from their opponent. 

Lacrosse defensemen also have to intercept passes that go into their area and are responsible for throwing some good clear-outs.  A clear out is when you quickly get the ball out after picking up a loose ground ball! 

A defenseman needs to be able "to see two plays ahead",  so this means being aware of your surroundings at all times.  They need to anticipate where their opponents will pass or dribble next, and make fast decisions about what move they should make next during gameplay.

Positions of Lacrosse - Goalie: 

This position is pretty obvious on the field,  since they wear different colored jerseys than everyone else on the field.  Goalies typically have a lot of gear on them which can make them look pretty big. This player's main job is to protect their team's goal by stopping as many shots as they can. They do this by catching balls that are thrown or kicked towards the net. Goalies should also be able to quickly clear the ball out if it bounces off the goalie stick and back into play.

Lacrosse Number of Players:

Lacrosse is typically played with ten players per team. This includes one goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders (two attack-mids and one center), and four attackmen. All players on the lacrosse team use sticks, so using lacrosse stick tape is a good practice for all players.  

Here are some tips on how to tape a lacrosse stick with VukGripz lacrosse stick tape

Lacrosse Goal of the Game: 

Lacrosse is all about getting the ball into the other team's goal. To accomplish this, everyone needs to understand their role within a team, even if they play for  just a couple minutes.

Since each sport has different rules, don't forget that lacrosse players can do this by throwing or carrying the ball into the goal. There are also face-offs at the start of each game and after every goal is scored in order to get possession of the ball.  It is very important for both teams to be aware of what's happening during these moments.

Substitution in Lacrosse:

In lacrosse, the substitutions take place on the fly, just like in hockey. If you're playing in a club or on a team, then this will depend on your coach's strategy and the way that they want to play. Coaches may have substitutes come in during certain points in the game, but usually, no one comes out of their position unless there is  an injury  

Size of Lacrosse Field:

The lacrosse field is pretty big, which is why it is important for players to be aware of their surroundings and to know where they are on the field at all times. The length of a lacrosse field can vary depending on the age or gender of the players, but it's typically around 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. The lacrosse field is slightly bigger than a football field.

Lacrosse- Lacrosse Stick Tape

Lacrosse is a great sport to play, but there are many different parts of the game that you must learn, besides the positions of lacrosse.  One way to get an advantage when you are just starting out playing lacrosse is to use VukGripz lacrosse grip tape.  The added friction that you get from using this gives you increased control over your lacrosse stick, which helps you play more effectively.  

Hand-eye coordination, agility, and speed are required to excel in lacrosse.  The game is extremely fast-paced and can get somewhat aggressive.  

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