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What Is Lacrosse?

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The goal of lacrosse is for players on one team, called the offensive team, to shoot a small lacrosse ball into the opposing team's goal using long-handled sticks.  At the same time, they try to prevent the opposing team from shooting the ball into their own net.

One point is scored when a player shoots the ball in the opponent's net.  Players use their lacrosse sticks to catch, carry and pass the lacrosse ball.  The triangular head of the lacrosse stick has a loose net strung into it that allows the player to hold the ball  

The Lacrosse Playing Field:

A standard lacrosse field is 110 yards in length from each end line.  In the Premier Lacrosse League, the field is 100 yards long, and 60 yards wide.

There are two main playing surfaces with a thin line dividing them called the midfield line. The area between this line and the back-line (end-line) is called the "center field." Each team defends one of these areas and tries to keep the other team out of its respective area.

The Lacrosse Goals:

Two goals are placed on the back-line, a goalie guards each goal. The area directly in front of a team's goal is called the goalie box. There are restraining lines that restrict player movement before crossing midfield, and another set of restraining lines 15 yards from each goal restricts player movement prior to crossing the goalie box.

How many players are on a lacrosse team?

Each lacrosse team fields ten players at a time:

  • Three Attackmen
  • Three midfielders (Left Defense, Center Defense, and Right Defense)
  • Three defensemen (Left, Center and Right)
  •  One Goalie

How long is a lacrosse game?

A typical high school lacrosse game is played over two periods, each lasting thirty minutes running time, with five-minute breaks in between. College games are played for thirty minutes straight through with a 12- minute halftime break.

In the Premier Lacrosse League, the game is played in four 12-minute quarters with a 12-minute halftime.  There is a 52 second shot clock and each team is allowed 3 timeouts per game.  Each team is also allowed 1 challenge per half, with the chance to earn another if they win their first challenge.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there is an overtime period of 12 minutes that will end upon the first goal being scored. 

Who invented lacrosse?

Native Americans are credited with inventing the game. The modern rules of field lacrosse were recorded by Canadian William Beers in 1867.

Lacrosse is a very popular competitive sport in America and Canada.   It is one of the fastest-growing sports in America among boys. The US Lacrosse organization has teams representing all 50 states, with over 400,000 members playing adult and youth lacrosse each year.

What equipment do you need for a lacrosse game?

Players need a lacrosse stick and protective equipment.  Depending on the league and the position, this can include a helmet with facemask, gloves, and arm and shoulder pads.  Players also need to wear mouth guards and a protective cup.  

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