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The Best Lacrosse Positions for College Scholarships

College-level lacrosse has been through numerous changes over the last couple of decades. From the fundamental rules to the equipment, this game is massively different from what people were familiar with during the ‘90s or even the early 2000s. Besides the game, its college scholarships have undergone numerous changes too.  If you excel at lacrosse, you always want to keep in mind, which lacrosse positions are best to help you get a college scholarship.

The Meteoric Rise of College Lacrosse

College lacrosse is among the most rapidly growing sports, especially in the U.S. Lacrosse enthusiasts train to become good in multiple lacrosse positions to impress recruiters. Recently, colleges have added sixteen new programs to Division III lacrosse and five fresh programs to Division II.

With lacrosse's ever-increasing popularity, roster sizes are bigger than ever, and the depth at each lacrosse position can be competitive. Of course, this increased popularity of lacrosse has a massive impact on scholarship opportunities. Do you aspire to excel in lacrosse and need help figuring out how to proceed? Choosing from the various lacrosse positions for your college scholarship is challenging.

Whatever the case, learning which lacrosse position would be ideal for a college scholarship and how to increase your chances of availing of a scholarship opportunity would greatly benefit any future college lacrosse players.

The Goalie – Among the Best Lacrosse Positions for College Scholarship

Like football, hockey, rugby, ice hockey, or any other team sport, each lacrosse position matters. Teams cannot rely on one particular individual or position to carry them through divisions or championships. However, certain lacrosse positions do require a rare special skill set, making players who possess them highly valuable. If you are a lacrosse player and want to impress recruiters, consider improving your skills as a goalie.

While this sport has no talent shortage, goalies are highly sought after. Individuals who play in the lacrosse goalie position have massive responsibilities, and the margin for error needs to be almost zero. While outfield players can afford to make a few mistakes and get away with it, goalie errors can cost their team a win if they make errors. So, if you have the reflexes and can take on the pressure, the goalie would arguably be among the best lacrosse positions to choose to get a college scholarship.   

The Midfield – One of the Most Demanding Positions of Lacrosse

If you talk to most lacrosse recruiters and coaches, they will tell you that the midfield position is arguably one of the most physically demanding lacrosse positions. It is among the primary reasons why so many people shy away from it (not that other positions are easy.) Midfielders are essentially the engine of their team and require a versatile skill set. Additionally, lacrosse midfielders must have variety, speed, and stamina to ensure their team operates like a well-oiled machine.

Lacrosse teams have 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders, and 1 goalie. Of course, each lacrosse position has its challenges and advantages. Goalies are vital for any lacrosse team’s success, however, this is one of the most dangerous positions of lacrosse because of its high injury rate. Attackers often get credit for scoring goals but are less involved than midfielders, goalkeepers, and defenders.

Midfielders do a bit of everything. They defend, attack, maintain the pace and keep the flow going, making them one of the most sought-after collegiate lacrosse positions.

Lacrosse Scholarship Tips

When providing lacrosse scholarships, recruiters usually prioritize goalies and midfield lacrosse positions. Besides the position, coaches also have other recruiting criteria that you should adhere to. For instance, you may not be selected for a scholarship if you fail to maintain a decent GPA. No matter how good you are at lacrosse, a poor GPA could deprive you of a scholarship. You must also show coaches that you are a team player, as the last thing any coach wants is a bad influence on the dressing room. VukGripz Lacrosse Tape

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