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  • VukGripz Purple Lacrosse Stick Tape
  • VukGripz Purple Lacrosse Stick Tape
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Purple Lacrosse Tape

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How to Tape a Lacrosse Stick with Purple Lacrosse Tape!

If you want to learn tips on tapping your lacrosse stick with our purple lacrosse tape, please click here! So, we make it very easy to wrap your purple lacrosse grip!

  1. Do not pull tight or overstretch.
  2. Be sure to remove the backing as you apply! Or, a little section at a time. Our adhesive is very sticky and removing all of it at once may make it tricky!
  3. Be sure to use your thumbs when applying the grip! Your thumbs will help you lay the purple lacrosse stick grip flat on the shaft.
  4. If you wish to cut this product, simply treat it like hockey tape! Take some scissors and cut diagonally away from you! This will leave a nice finishing edge and a new starting edge for the 2nd piece!
  5. Lastly, finish each end with finishing tape or electrical tape to protect those during use!

Who should use these products?

Our purple lacrosse tape is for every player at every level! If players use athletic tape or lacrosse grips, then this will be a great alternative! But, if players do not use anything, this product may be great to transition them too! In order to perform at your highest level, you can't slip during play. Slipping is loss of energy! Energy lost will affect your passing, defense and shooting! If players can be consistent as much as possible, they will be able to play at a higher level! Also, our purple lacrosse stick tape is legal for every position. There are some rules about Fo-Go players. But, VukGripz worked closely with US Lacrosse. Be sure to read more about the rules on its website: US Lacrosse. Below will be some quick points proving that VUK has a legal faceoff grip!

  • Different Colors:
    • We have over 11 colors available to allow referees to differentiate between the shaft, the head and the gloves!
  • Thin design:
    • Our purple lacrosse grip is thin like tape. Most other grips are bulky and would be deemed illegal.
  • Wrapping style:
    • Players must tape a lacrosse stick without an overlap and it must be at least 1" below the head. A referee must be able to see separation or space between the grip and the head.
  • Make-up:
    • Grips or tapes that are sticky or tacky or illegal. Those provide an unfair advantage for players.
    • VUK focused on friction like cloth tape provides.
      • FRICTION is 100% different than sticky or tacky alternatives!