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  • The best pink lacrosse tape comes from VukGripz with unmatch slip resistance!
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Pink Lacrosse Tape

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Pink Lacrosse Tape from VUK vs Alternative Lacrosse Tape Designs:

We understand that players like pink lacrosse stick tape and pink lacrosse grips! But, we also know that players want cool lacrosse tape designs, patterned lacrosse tape and even rainbow lacrosse grips! So, as we continue to grow, we will launch other designs! But, we don't want players to get lost in only looks! Plus, why not look good and increase your performance? With VUK pink lacrosse grip tape, our award-winning technology gives players the best hold on their lacrosse stick! Grip pressure is a thing that most players don't think about! So, with our products, you can decrease your grip pressure without decreasing your hold! Sound to good to be true? Well, we have science, physics, and videos supporting this! To show you how crazy our tape works, we had a baseball player put Vaseline on his bare hands and swing a baseball at 100% without issues (click here)! Different sport - Same Grip - Same Performance!

Different Ways to Tape Lacrosse Sticks:

Most players enjoy using products like Pink Athletic Tape or Pink Howie's Hockey Tape. But, those products, again, only give players the freedom to custom tape a lacrosse stick. Well, although the cloth lacrosse tape may provide some benefit if it is wrapped a certain way, it will not provide benefits for long. Those products wear out and need replaced very quickly! Some players even replaced their pink lacrosse grips after every practice or game. But, the worries get eliminated with VUK's pink lacrosse grip tape! Now, some players have watched videos from other companies on "how to wrap a lacrosse stick" properly. An example is from our competitor Lizard Skin Lacrosse Grip Tape who makes you have to pull tight as your hands are far away from the lacrosse stick shaft. Also, you can only wrap their products with an overlap. This is not custom.

So, with VUK, simply wrap a lacrosse stick edge to edge with our neon orange lacrosse grip tape for a smooth feel! Or, overlap our grips to provide a textured feel! Don't worry, since our products are softer than most, your lacrosse glove palms will last longer! If you need extra tips and tricks, be sure to check out our How to Tape a Lacrosse Stick page by clicking here!

Dig In Decals:

We went ahead and decided to help players out more with our pink lacrosse tape! We created our Dig In Decals! These products give players an opportunity to place inspirational words on sticks! Sometimes, one word or phrase is all it takes to help you focus, refocus, or pick yourself up! If you make a bad play, don't let it get you down! Find your Dig In Decal to remind yourself that you are still good, so you can dig your skate into the ice and be ready for the next play! Here is the link to our Dig In Decals!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alexis Mueller
Quality Brand / Grip

I purchased two different tapes; Pink and Blue for my children who play lax. I received the order quickly and the kids loved the fact they got a personal and legitimate "Thank You" sticky note in the box. I also thought the note was cool. The tape went on easily, I'm not a pro, so the videos on the website were appreciative to follow. The reason I scored a 4/5, was for the "end" tape used to seal the grip tape to the stick. I recommend it being wider, and adding additional length. For both kids I ended up cutting the grip tape into two strips to place at the bottom and top, the seal tape wasn't long enough, or wide enough. Unfortunately the seal tape is already coming off my sons stick. I would order from the company again, I will be a return buyer.


Jonathan Ring
Kids love the grips!

My kids love the grips!

samantha Daniel-Banks
Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Purchased for my twin daughters who are very active lacrosse players. My girls feel like the VUK grip tape is uniquely soft, and provides an extra secure grip to their lacrosse sticks. They also enjoy the color selected, pink! I received my purchase on time with clear instructions on how to use the tape. As a satisfied costumer, I would definitely recommend buying this product.

Charlie Guth

The best

T. Anderson
Pink Vuk Lacrosse Grip

The product is exactly what we were looking for. The grip was very easy to apply, and it seems to outperform regular friction tape. We like the look of the product, and we will continue to use it throughout the lacrosse season. Thank you!