Dig In™ Decals

Dig In™ Decals

Dig In Decals

Dig In™ Decals


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As a player, I really struggled after a bad swing causing me to get behind in the count (each sport has its similar situation: missed pass, bad shot, etc). I needed to search for INSPIRATION! My inspiration was hearing my dad say “Trust Your Hands!” This was my CONFIDENCE BOOSTER! Even if he couldn’t make it to a game, I was able to take that saying and replay it in my head when the pressure was on! EVERY ATHLETE goes through the same thing! So, I wanted to create those a little reminder that players can take with them on the field, court or rink to INSPIRE them to DIG IN & battle!

These are an awesome pairing with our Dig In Bat Tape, Dig In Lacrosse Tape, Dig In Hockey Take, Dig In Tennis Overgrip, and Dig In Field Hockey Grip!

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Trust, Focus, Fight, Breathe, Relax, Adjust, Battle, Grind, Work, Swag, Conquer, Faith, Believe, Dig In, Lead, Team, Compete


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