VukGripz bat grip tape can be used for wrapping your garden rake with the bat tape to reduce calluses and blisters

Uses For VukGripz Grip Tape

Uses For VukGripz Grip Tape- Baseball

VukGripz grip tape is one of the most essential and versatile baseball bat accessories on the market.  The award winning technology used helps to create added friction between your hands and your bat.  

The ability to have a better grip gives you more control and exit velocity increases in your swing.  VukGripz bat grip tape is also waterproof, giving you the ability to perform in any weather conditions.  

Uses For VukGripz Grip Tape- Other Sports

VukGripz offers grip tape for all sports that require added friction to improve grip. There is baseball and softball bat grip tape that allows batters to grip their bats lighter and hold tighter.  

VukGripz also offers hockey stick tape and field hockey grip tape.  The advanced technology that VukGripz offers to hockey players gives such an advantage over traditional hockey tape.  VukGripz hockey grip tape is made for your hands and not the blade.  It truly offers you the best grip on the market.

Any sport that requires good grip is a good fit for Vukgripz grip tape. Tennis and pickleball are two examples of sports that can benefit from increased friction and control.  

Pickleball is growing in popularity and more and more people are using grip tape to improve their control over their paddles. Pickleball combines elements of badminton, ping pong and tennis to create a game for two or four players. Pickleball paddle grip will give you unmatched slip resistance while playing. 

Tennis racquets are another sports accessory that can benefit from using VukGripz grip tape.  It can come especially in handy when you are playing in warm weather, and your palms get sweaty.  VukGripz tennis overgrip tape will continue to offer increased friction no matter what conditions you are playing in.  

Golf and lacrosse are two other sports that VukGripz grip tape can be utilized in. Both of these have shafts that can be wrapped in grip tape to improve grip and control.  

Uses For VukGripz Grip Tape- Unconventional

VukGrips grip tape works to help prevent blisters, calluses and injuries while giving a longer lasting, relaxed grip on whatever piece of equipment that you are using.  VukGripz is an affordable solution to protecting your hands during some common household chores.

With Fall here, there will be plenty of leaves to rake up from the yard. Using a rake can often result in blisters and calluses on your hands.  If you use VukGripz grip tape to wrap your garden rake, you can give yourself better control and protection this Fall season.  Using grip tape should eliminate any injuries to your hands while raking!

Right after Fall, many areas will start to receive snowstorms.  While snow covered lawns can certainly look pretty, snow covered driveways and stairs look like work.  Using VukGripz grip tape on your snow shovel can give you a better grip as you are shoveling snow.  If you have better grip and control of your snow shovel, you will be able to lift easier and more efficiently.  This could reduce or eliminate the back pain and soreness that is often associated with shoveling during the winter months.