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Softball Batting Accessories

Slow-Pitch Softball

Slow-pitch softball is becoming even more popular than it has been in recent years.  There are many diverse leagues to choose from, so there is something for softball players of all ages, sizes and skill levels.  Softball has a low entry cost to play, so it is perfectly suited for people who are not looking to make a huge commitment, but still want to participate in a fun team sport. If you would like to give yourself an advantage, there are several softball accessories that can improve your batting.  

Slow-pitch softball game play is very similar to baseball. The main difference is that softball is played with a larger ball and on a smaller field.  There are only seven innings in slow-pitch softball, and combined with the smaller field, wind up making the games move very quickly

Pitchers in slow-pitch softball must throw the ball underhanded and in an arched path .  Because softballs are big and thrown slowly, they are easier to hit than a small baseball.  Combining an easy to hit ball with a smaller field, batters in slow-pitch softball may find that their batting average is higher than when they played baseball.

Softball Bat Grip Tape

Softball players can absolutely benefit from using VukGripz softball bat grip tape. VukGripz grip tape will give you more control and more bat speed in any weather conditions.  Even in hot or raining weather, where your bat or hands might be wet, you will still maintain the best grip possible.  VukGripz softball bat grip tape can be wrapped directly onto your bat, or over your existing bat grip tape.

Softball bat grip tape will help give you better control and grip on your bat, which will hopefully increase your ability to crush balls.  Spending any length of time on batting practice can leave your thumb a little worse for the wear.  Using a softball thumb guard in conjunction with softball bat grip tape can help to prevent injuries.

Softball Thumb Guard

The patented design of the ThumbPRO thumb guard allows for the bat to stay on it without moving during the swing.  It fits around the hand and protects the inside, middle and outside part of the thumb.  This thumb guard really helps to deaden the vibration from impact.

Softball Batting Gloves 

If you are using VukGripz bat grip tape, batting gloves are not necessary, but you can certainly use them for added grip and comfort.  VukGripz offers softball batting gloves with stretchy dri-fit on the back of the hand to allow maximum flexibility during use.  

VukGripz softball batting gloves give any hitter the best slip resistant properties with its patented grip technology in the palms of the gloves.  Their gloves are made of durable, lightweight leather and give you lasting performance during training and the season.

VukGripz is really a one stop shop for all your softball batting accessory needs.  If you play other sports, they even have accessories for many of those as well! 

softball accessories, softball bat tape