Batting gloves, bat grip tape and thumbguards are great baseball bat accessories to use when playing baseball

Baseball Bat Accessories

Anytime you start playing a new sport, there are uniform requirements to play the game.  Depending on the sport, these can be pretty extensive and expensive.  

For baseball players, after they get their initial uniform, the bare minimum requirement is to get a bat and a glove. If you would like to give yourself some advantages in games, there are several baseball bat accessories that will help you play better.

Baseball Bat Accessories- Bat Grip Tape

Baseball bat grip tape is used mainly to improve the batter’s grip and comfort.  There are many different options, so you can even choose a bat grip tape that matches your uniform or expresses your personality.  This is one of the most essential baseball bat accessories that you can purchase.

VukGripz bat grip tape is the #1 bat grip proven to increase bat speed, exit velocity, bat control and angle consistency.  Their thin bat grip tape allows you to add fluidity to your swing with the premium friction that the wraps provide.

VukGripz bat grip tape is waterproof, so it will perform well for you under any weather conditions   These bat grips are American made, and are extremely durable and even reusable!  

The bat grip tape made by VukGripz is extremely different from everything else on the market.  The tape can be a little tricky to wrap around a bat, so VukGripz has created videos and written instructions on how to wrap a bat to help you out! 

Baseball Bat Accessories- Thumb Guard

Baseball thumb guards are designed to deaden the vibration that players feel when they hit.  The thumb guard allows for the bat to stay on the thumb guard without moving during the swing and protecting your hands and fingers.

As players get more advanced, they are met with faster pitching.  A thumb guard can really help to protect the hands of athletes. 

Baseball Bat Accessories- Batting Gloves

VukGripz has also developed award winning batting gloves.  Their gripping power on the palm gives players the ability to “Grip Lighter- Hold Tighter”.  This increases a player’s relaxation in their muscles and gives them more flexibility and range of motion. 

VukGripz is the first company to focus on grippy instead of sticky.  The grippy is built into the entire pad, and will retain this gripping power even after extended use.  Their high quality batting gloves will absolutely make a difference in your batting grip.

Baseball Bat Accessories- Big Advantages

Baseball is a great sport, because you do not need a lot of fancy equipment to play.  It is also a great sport, because a few small baseball accessories can hugely improve your gameplay. 

VukGripz is truly the industry leader for baseball bat accessories.  They have everything you need to up your baseball game.  If you play any sport that requires added friction, they even have accessories for those, as well.