Hockey Stick tape can improve hockey stick control with hockey grip tape

Top 10 Ways to Have Better Control Over Your Hockey Stick

One of the most important aspects of hockey is having good control over your hockey stick. This allows you to make precise passes and shots, and helps keep the puck away from defenders. There are a few things you can do to improve your control over your hockey stick:

  1. Use hockey grip tape on your hockey stick. This will help you keep your hockey stick in your hand and improve your grip.VukGripz hockey stick tape is essential for any hockey player to improve the friction between their hand and their hockey stick.  
  2. Practice using different methods and drills to improve your control over your hockey stick. This includes exercises like the T-Drill, the Wiffle Ball drill, and the Push Pass drill.
  3. Make sure you are well-hydrated before playing hockey. If you are low on water, your hockey stick control will be severely affected.
  4. Practice with hockey grip tape or hockey stick grips to improve your hockey stick control. These grips ensure that the hockey stick does not slip out of your hand when taking shots and passing.VukGripz hockey tape comes in tons of different colors, which can help showcase yours or your team's personal style. 
  5. Work on improving your shot accuracy by practicing hockey shooting drills with hockey goal targets . This will improve your hockey stick control in the offensive zone, allowing you to make better passes and shots.
  6. Make sure that you are holding your hockey stick correctly. You should be using a ‘ten-finger grip’.  This means that all ten fingers are on the hockey stick's handle.
  7. Focus on hockey drills that require you to handle the hockey stick in a controlled manner. This includes drills like the T-Drill, hockey passing and hockey shooting drills .
  8. Keep your eyes on the puck when playing hockey. If you lose direct eye contact with the puck, this could affect your hockey stick control when trying to get it back. 
  9. Make hockey stick tape a regular purchase so you can keep your hockey stick in top shape. This will improve the grip of the hockey stick and prevent slipping out of your hand while playing hockey.VukGripz hockey stick tape is affordable and reusable.  The quality and value of Vuk is unmatched by any competitor. 
  10. Maintain a good hockey stance when you are playing hockey to improve your control over your hockey stick. This includes keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and your body weight over your hockey skates.

By following these tips, you can improve your control over your hockey stick and play hockey with greater precision. Remember to practice regularly and focus on the fundamentals of hockey stick control if you want to be successful in this sport. VukGripz products are all made in America and feature their award winning technology.  VukGripz grip tape works for any sport or activity that requires added friction. 

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