How to hit slow pitch softball, Slow Pitch Softball skills can be improved by using VukGripz softball bat grip tape

Slow-Pitch Softball Tips

Slow-pitch softball is a great game to play if you want to be active and social at the same time.  If you are used to playing baseball, it can be a bit of an adjustment. There are some areas that you should focus on that can improve your skills.

Slow-Pitch Softball Tips- Hitting

For starters, the ball is significantly bigger, which makes it easier to connect with, but harder to hit far.  As the sports name implies, the ball is also thrown at a slower pace than most baseballs. You should aim to hit the softball about 5-7 inches from the top of the bat. 

Your batting stance is extremely important when you're hitting. You should lean forward with the bulk of your body weight on the balls of your feet.  This puts you in a good position to start running, while also helping you to hit the ball with more power. 

Ensuring that you have a good grip on the bat is easy if you are using VukGripz softball bat grip tape on the handle.  Using this American made bat grip tape increases friction and allows you to grip lighter and hold tighter.  

VukGripz also makes softball batting gloves with their award winning technology built into the palm.  These soft but durable leather batting gloves will give you more flexibility and range of motion while hitting. 

You should plan to swing your bat when it is about one foot from the plate.  As you swing, you should take a step forward with your non-dominant foot.  As you pivot, you should swing all the way through to ensure a powerful hit.  

Slow-Pitch Softball Tips- Pitching

Slow-Pitch pitching is extremely different from baseball, most notably that the ball is much larger and is being pitched underhand. The field is typically smaller, so that is another adjustment that you will need to make. 

Your grip needs to be firm and positioned well so that you have full control over the ball. Practicing your pitching will help you to get comfortable with where you need to release the softball for it to be in the strike zone.  You will also need to pay attention to the arc that the ball follows after it is released.  A greater arc will make the ball harder to hit far.

Slow-Pitch Softball Tips- Fielding

In slow-pitch softball, the larger ball and slower throwing speed are in place to make the ball easier to hit.  This will usually translate into more action for the defense than in other types of softball or baseball.  

In slow-pitch softball, you have an extra player in the outfield. As with any team game of this type, communication amongst your teammates is critical to ensure that you are not colliding with or fighting with your own teammate to make a play.

Slow-Pitch Softball Tips- Have Fun

For most participants in slow-pitch softball, the main objective is to have fun, while also playing a sport.  Practice and preparation are essential to success, but you also want to keep the game social so that everyone is enjoying themselves! 

slow pitch softball tips