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Lacrosse is a sport that involves using a stick to throw a ball into a goal. It is a game that is traditionally played by men, but as it has continued to increase in popularity, there are now also women's leagues. 

Inside Lacrosse

The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. You can use your lacrosse stick to catch, carry and pass the ball down the field and into the goal.   Communication and teamwork are important parts of the game of lacrosse.  

Having and maintaining control of your lacrosse stick in all situations is imperative to being a good lacrosse player. Using VukGripz lacrosse stick tape will help to improve your grip on your stick.  VukGripz lacrosse tape is not affected by moisture, so even in rain, humidity or simply sweaty palms, your grip will not be diminished.  It is easy to apply lacrosse tape to your stick, and your abilities will improve the more confident you become. 

Strategies in Lacrosse

There are many different lacrosse strategies that can be used in order to gain an advantage over the opposing team.  Familiarizing yourself with multiple strategies can help improve your lacrosse game and chances of success. 

Lacrosse Strategies- The Box

One such strategy is called "the box." The box is a formation that defenders use in order to try and stop the other team from scoring. It involves positioning four players in a tight formation around the goal, while the remaining player guards the midfield. This formation can be very effective in preventing the other team from scoring, but it can also be difficult to break through.

Lacrosse Strategies- The Stack

Another common lacrosse strategy is called "the stack." The stack is a formation that attackers use in order to create space for a teammate to score. It involves positioning three players at the front of the offensive line, with the remaining player positioned behind them. This formation can be very effective in creating scoring opportunities, but it can also be vulnerable to defensive counterattacks.

Lacrosse Strategies- Triangle Formation

The triangle formation is an offensive strategy that creates triangles with three attackers to move the ball by passing, cutting and dodging.  The balance of the triangle has to be managed carefully.  Everyone needs to be aware of the others position and compensate when needed.  

Lacrosse Strategies

There are many other lacrosse strategies that can be used in order to gain an advantage over the opposing team. These are some of the most common strategies and they both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. 

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