Golf grip tape from VukGripz offers you increased friction when swinging your golf club

Improve your Golf Swing with VukGripz Golf Grip Tape


Having a great golf swing can help greatly in improving your game. There are some things that you should work on first if you are new to the game. 

  1.   Correct Set-Up

The first and foremost thing to master in a golf swing is the proper positioning. There are many critical areas to learn at the beginning of the game, but good form is one of the most important. 

The club should be in dead stop position just behind the ball.   Knees should be bent and your body tilted forward but straight.  You should place your right hand lower than the left hand,  and place your feet parallel to the target line.

  1.   Use Your Body

You should move the club with your body, and not only with your hands. This will keep the ball in the air consistently. You will turn in the backswing, and then you should shift your weight to your lead foot and rotate. Hopefully, you will hit the target and finish the turn. You will practice the "turn, shift, turn" drill. You should move a little on the backswing, but not much.

  1.   Improve your Golf Grip

There are three types of hand grips- weak, strong, and neutral. A soft grip results in right or left slice shots, and a firm hold can lead to the right or left hook shorts. A neutral grip is ideal for straight shorts. 

To further improve your grip, you can use VukGripz golf grip tape.  The American made golf grips by VukGripz are easily wrapped around your golf club and offer you increased control.  You will gain unmatched premium friction by adding this grip tape to your golf clubs.  

  1.   Controlling Tempo

A golfer can try to develop a smoother swing or rhythm by controlling the tempo during the entire swing.  This includes the start of the swing, at backswing, at impact, and when finishing the swing. A strong golf grip is the key to better control.  

  1.   Use of Elbow

Using your right elbow for swing makes it easier to drop the club inside in downswing.  This will allow for maximum power and control.  

  1.   Estimate the Low Points in the Grass

The best golfers estimate the low points in the grass by hitting the spot near the ball or compressing the ball. This will make your shots more consistent.

  1.   Hold the Finish Pose

The best golfer keeps their pose until their ball falls to keep them from falling out or losing balance. With regular practicing, players will improve their balance when swinging.  Using VukGripz golf grip tape will help you to control your golf club more easily and efficiently.

  1.   Gradually Learn to Swing

The perfect swing comes after a lot of practice and hard work. The three golf swing positions are set up, the top of the swing, and the finish that leads to the perfect golf swing. Playing golf low and slow is a good style to try.

  1.   Keep your Strengths in Mind

Knowing your strengths in your mind will give you more confidence.  This will help you to achieve more success in the game.  

  1. Pick a Target

During a round of golf, players usually focus on the swing and forget to think about their target. Focusing on the target will help you to make an accurate shot and have less stress when playing.