how to hit a tweener in tennis

How to Hit a Tweener in Tennis

A tweener is a tennis shot where a player hits the ball between his legs. It is a source of fun for opponents and the audience. The player usually faces the net, hits the ball in his legs, and runs backward, and you prove you have energy and tricks to win the game.

A tweener is the most exciting shot usually seen in a match. The player bounces the ball, and when the ball bounces a second time, the player hits the ball between his legs with his back facing or sometimes front facing the net: 

Roland Garros and Guillermo Vilas were first players to use the shots in tennis in 1970. Roger Federer hit a Tweener and won a point during the 2009 US open. 

Tips for Hitting a Tweener in Tennis

  • Fast Chasing of Ball

First, you have to run after the ball as fast as you can; if you are a righty, you are at the right side of the ball; and if you are a lefty, run at the left side of the ball.

  • Continental Grip 

The second important thing is correct grip. When you hit the ball, use a versatile continental grip, your racquet frame should be perpendicular to the ground.

  • Accurate Positioning

Your racquet needs accurate positioning to target the ball. You need to be closer to the court by 6-12 inches. As the ball comes down, you make contact with the ball.  You want to make sure that you have a correct grip to hit the Tweener.  There needs to be a twist of the racquet as it hits the ball to maneuver the ball to the court successfully. 

Some players use Eastern backhand grip.  During this type of swing, the racquet may hit the player, so your timing should be right when your racquet will hit the second bounce of the ball. If you keep the grip, swing path, and timings, you can shoot a Tweener correctly towards the sky and the court. The player should hit the ball near the ground and swing it upward with his racquet.

  • Correct Timings and Footwork

A backhand grip is used to flick the ball up, with the edge of the racquet.  It is necessary to have correct timing and correct footwork.  You should use little steps to get the right position and hit the ball where you want it to go.. 

You will need to practice this shot often, until you know the right rhythm to use. For this shot, your ball should be in the space between your legs and properly lined up. A loose wrist to the right flicks the ball in the air with the correct angle.

How to Help You Hit a Tweener in Tennis

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