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  • Front View and palm view of Black & White Canine VukGripz Batting Gloves
  • Palm view of Black & White Canine VukGripz Batting Gloves
  • Front View Black & White Canine VukGripz Batting Gloves
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Canine Batting Gloves

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Hunt Baseballs & Softballs with the Canine Batting Gloves!

Impossible isn't in our vocabulary with our Canine Batting Gloves! In order to stand out on the field, players have to make themselves noticeable. VukGripz is a company owned and operated by players and coaches! We took a player-approach with these new Canine Batting Gloves! The industry is made up of companies thank think more about look and design. But, VukGripz develops technology for players to improve their game! So, we decided to create another pioneering pair of batting gloves! Our Canine Batting Gloves may sound simple, but we don't do anything with out a deep meaning, background and tons of research!

Our American Made Gripping Technology is 100% different than any, other company or product in the world! So, these products kept our unmatched gripping power on the fingers, while we adjusted the grip design on the palm! We will continue to explain our approach and how we created this products below!

Importance of a Wolf's Canines when Hunting Prey!

The canine teeth in a wolf's mouth are the most important teeth during a hunt! According to the International Wolf Center in Minneapolis, MN, the definition of canine teeth is this:

"Canines – The sharp, pointed teeth (fangs) that carnivores use to pierce and tear the flesh of their prey."

Our research on GRIP started over 8 years ago in 2013! We understand how important it is whether athletes play a sport or a wolf is on the hunt! If a wolf has a weak jaw, it will not successfully be able to takedown its prey to survive. The same mentality goes for baseball and softball players in the batter's box! If a player's grip faults trying to hit a ball over and over again, their career will not survive. So, just like a wolf's canines, our Canine Batting Gloves feature our Award-Winning Grips on the 4 fingers of the batting gloves! We refer to these fingers as the CANINES

Why are there no Grips on the Palms anymore?

We changed the entire industry on how players think about gripping their bat. We just did it again with our Canine Batting Gloves! Previously, our entire line of batting gloves had our Award-Winning Grip Technology on the thumb, 4 fingers, across the palm and on the outside of the hand! Grips were installed in strategic areas to protect the leather of the gloves! Most player's will see the grips begin to breakdown on the palms before the leather! This is a huge success! Added protection on batting gloves is a major benefit! But, some players think added durability makes batting gloves "too bulky." So, the changes we made the Canine Batting Gloves are:

  • We removed the palm grips to open up the interaction between the highest quality of leather in the industry and the baseball bat! 
    • This gives player's a PRO STYLE feeling like they are use to with other brands. 
  • Instead of the knob rubbing on our durability grip on the outside of the hand, we replaced it with a leather pad
    • This leather pad will provide the same durability advantage as our grip pad! 
    • This leather pad will also blend in with the glove and now show as much "real time" durability as our grip pad did.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shiloh Harder
Love them!

Great feel and so far they’re holding up much better than franklins. Me and a couple of my teammates have used them and loved the feel and comfort they supply along side the grips. Used them on a couple different occasions and never had any issues or uncomforts. Would recommend

Duane Rucker
Nice Gloves

These are some pretty good quality gloves right here, not to mention the grip on them is wonderful as well :)