Beginners Guide to Lacrosse sticks wrapped in lacrosse grip tape

Beginners Guide to Lacrosse

Beginners Guide to Lacrosse- Basic Gameplay

Lacrosse is a great team sport that is increasing in popularity.  Lacrosse is played between two teams.  The objective of the game is to move the ball into the opposing teams half of the field and shoot the ball into their goal.  At the end of the game, the team that scores the most goals is the winner. 

Lacrosse gameplay can differ slightly between age groups.  This is mainly to prevent injuries and move the game smoothly. 

Beginners Guide to Lacrosse- Basic Rules

Lacrosse fields official length for older players is 110-120 yards in length and between 53 ⅓ and 60 yards in width.  Goals are six feet by six feet.  Each goal is surrounded by a “crease”, which has a diameter of 18 feet.  If a player is within the crease, he can not score.  

The regulation time is typically sixty minutes, and is divided into four periods.  If the game is tied after the regulation time, teams will enter a sudden-victory overtime period.

Teams are allowed ten players on the field.  This lineup consists of three attackers, three middles, three defenders and one goalie. Every time the ball is thrown into the opposing team's goal, the scoring team is awarded one point. 

Games begin with a face-off between two players. Once a team gets possession of the ball, they have to cross the midfield line within 20 seconds to ensure a fast-paced game. 

Beginners Guide to Lacrosse- The Equipment

Players use lacrosse sticks, and these are classified as “short” or “long” sticks. Short sticks are between 40-42 inches, and long sticks are between 52-72 inches.  No more than four long sticks are allowed per team at a time. The four stick rule does not apply to the goalie. 

The ball used for lacrosse is made of solid rubber and is about eight inches in diameter.  The ball can be extremely forceful upon impact, so protective gear is required. Lacrosse players are required to wear helmets, and mouthpieces, shoulder and arm pads and gloves are recommended.  

Beginners Guide to Lacrosse- Grip Tape

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Lacrosse is a great sport to get involved in.  Using VukGripz lacrosse grip tape will help improve your stickhandling performance.