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  • XL Gray Bat Tape
  • Extra Long Black Bat Grip Tape XL vs Standard Bat Grip Tape
  • XL Gray Bat grip tape, baseball grips
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XL Gray Bat Grip Tape

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How is the Extra Long Gray Bat Grip Tape Different than the other VukGripz?

The XL Gray Bat Grip Tape is made 6 inches longer than the standard bat grips. Most players will not need the extra length of this grip on metal bats. These are made for wood bats with custom knobs, large tapers and thick handles. Also, these will extend up the wood bat to give players the "look" that they see on TV! Whereas, our standard black bat tapes will give players enough grip, plus some room to choke up (enough for your hands)!

The Best Bat Grips are ones that perform for you in any condition! Also, these are thin like bat tape, but have unmatched exit velocity increases for players! Get the most out of your muscles by adding fluidity to your swing from the Premium Friction our bat wraps provide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great customer service experience.

Found these grips in a store while on vacation. Tried one and it is still in great condition 6 months later. Ordered more online recently as I am tired of spending money on Lizard Skins only to replace them a few weeks later. After placing the order, I received a message from the person packaging my order that one of the grips was out of stock and was given options for replacing it.

Robert Mess
Best grip for no gloves

Love the VukGripz’s extra long version! If you do not use batting gloves, you couldn’t ask for a better product! The grip acts as a batting glove, and helps to keep you from squeezing the bat too. Love the feel and the look of it too!
I wish they made one specifically for axe handle bats. I usually have to change the grip before the season starts and once during the season as well so you will wear through them if you got a lot like I do.

Mark Donsbach
Best Grip in the Game

Hands down, the best grip ever. All three of my kids o my use it for their baseball and softball bats.


My boy loves your grips, and its a great product!

Baseball Dad and Coach
Best Grip My Son Has Used

My son is a high school and travel ball baseball player. When he used the other popular grips, he constantly had to use pine tar for a good grip, especially on hot days and doubleheaders. The Vuk grip simply provides a much better grip and he no longer has to use pine tar. We like the XL version so he can put the grip over the knob.