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  • VukGripz White Hockey Stick Tape
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White Hockey Tape

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What Makes this White Hockey Tape Different?

White Hockey Tape Features:

  • Thinnest feeling white hockey grip or white hockey grip tape available
  • The 1st, American Made Hockey Tape
  • Wraps edge to edge or with an overlap
  • Reusable hockey stick tape from one stick to another if a stick breaks or if you buy a new one
  • Custom hockey tape that can have your team logo, name, or special saying (Contact Us)
  • The only hockey grip with edge to edge adhesive

So, can you answer: "How to Wrap a Hockey Sticky?"

"How to Tape your Hockey Stick" is extremely easy with Vuk! This white hockey tape does not need to be pulled tight! You can now focus on laying our hockey stick tape on with your thumbs so it lays flat! The only white hockey grip tape that wraps edge to edge or with an overlap. Players now have the opportunity to choose! But, this is all possible because of our edge to edge adhesive! This is the first product to do this! All, alternative products are made overseas. VukGripz decided to be a pioneer and set up manufacture in its own back yard! So, we take the time to provide you with unmatched, game changing adhesive! It is so strong, that it is reusable!

Video will be coming soon to our YouTube Channel! Also, if you break your stick, simply peel off our hockey grip, let it dangle, and then reattach it to your new hockey stick!

Will this Hockey Wrap Affect my Hockey Gloves?

The best part about our products are that those are different! Unlike alternative white hockey stick tapes, this works to your benefit! Hockey grips designed to be soft! designed to provide OPTIMUM GRIP through PREMIUM FRICTION! Premium Friction grips onto your hockey gloves decreasing the amount of slip between your hockey glove palms and the stick! So, the less slip there is, the less wear and tear the palm of your hockey gloves will go through! Just another - Made in the USA - benefit from VukGripz!