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Red Hockey Tape

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Red Hockey Tape for the Hockey Stick Handle:

We made tapping a hockey stick very easy with our Red Hockey Grip Tape! A popular question: "Why do hockey players tape their sticks?" We believe there are two main reason for this!

  1. The first reason is to gain a better hold! Players need to feel the hockey stick handle every second on the ice. That is why parents look to the pros for the best way to tape your hockey stick! Those guys have been around the block! But, even the NHL Players haven't experience a double sided hockey tape like our red hockey grips! We pioneered the first product to focus on Premium Friction! In easier terms to understand, our red hockey grip tape is Grippy! So, more friction allows players to hold a hockey stick with a relaxed grasp making them quicker to react, and, have better stick control!
  2. The second reason is to help protect, or extend the life of the palms of their hockey gloves. Hockey glove palms are very strong! But, when players use ask their self: is hockey tape the same as athletic tape; some will say it is! Some, will also agree that it isn't! We are here to tell you that Vuk Red Hockey Stick Tape is the softest product on the market! Because we focus on friction, other hockey grips tend to have their stick, tacky top layer rub off on your palms.

Negatives of Sticky, Tacky Adhesives Wearing Off onto your Hockey Glove Palms:

The negatives of this are that your palms are now sticky (prevent you from adjusting), and your gripping material that you thought was legit, already wore out! So, players resort to using products like mueller hockey tape or even the popular version of athletic tape, Howie's! Both are great products, but both are very old school! So, if you want that same thin, athletic tape hockey feel, then choose our Vuk red hockey grips!

We always recommend researching and comparing products to one another! People may think we are crazy to link to a competitors page! But, we know that once a you compare Vuk's red hockey grip tape to anything else, it won't even be close! Check out this blog on our website to see a list of all of the other products out there! We set our self apart from the rest with our American Made design and manufacturing! Click here for blog!