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Purple FOGO Lacrosse Tape

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$9.00 USD
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$9.00 USD

Purple FOGO Lacrosse Tape

  • Meets minimum 6" of stick coverage
    • Diameter of the lacrosse stick will play a part of tape coverage ... IE a youth lacrosse stick may have the grip go a little further compared to an adult lacrosse stick
  • Thin Like Tape
  • 100% Friction based - not sticky or tacky
  • Can be applied edge-to-edge as on continues layer/piece
  • Secure ends with matching finishing tape
    • Replace tape on the ends as needed with electrical tape
  • Official Grip Tape of the PLL
  • Official Grip Tape of Joe Nardella (Whipsnakes LC)
  • Official Grip Tape of the Face off Factory

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My Review

I really enjoy playing with the grips and using them but the FOGO head grip already started to tear. I like the amount of grip and the color combo the only thing that throws me off is that it started to tear after one practice. All in all the products are super solid but the durability isn’t the best.

emmett duquette

Tape is grippy and durable but the price to performance is not there. just after playing in wet conditions on first time with the tape it was just coming right off my shaft. losing all the adhesive.

Great Grip but tape slowly slides across shaft

After putting on the tape there was a noticeable difference in my ability to grip the shaft, which is ultimately what I wanted, but after going to a faceoff camp and taking a few hundred reps, I realize the tape starts to slide. While I can still grip it well, I’m starting to notice a few gaps between the tapes circles that are forming from the sliding. The grip is great, but I’m worried it’ll eventually d slide too much to the point of being uncomfortable.

Philene Harte Weiner
Amazing product

We love the way the vukgripz tape feels. It’s kinda squishy and the grip is amazing. We bought for the fogo stick but are buying more for attack stick now! Great product and the customer archive from RJ is unsurpassed.

Nick Karhan
Fogo tape

Awesome! Played in a rain and snowy game and still had grip! Wayyyyy better then normal tape