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  • White Lacrosse grip tape to wrap around a lacrosse stick to improve your grip and friction on lacrosse stick
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Pulse White Lacrosse Tape with Black

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The Best White Lacrosse Tape!

We developed the 1st American Made, USA Lacrosse Grip Tape! This is product is designed to perform in every condition and under every circumstance! We are proud to be able to produce a product that is homegrown! Every company may find it easier to manufacture overseas! But, in order to get something different, great, and better for players, we had think out of the box! And, that involved making this white lacrosse tape in the USA!

How can this increase my shot speed or stick control?

Players workout hard to separate themselves from the competition! But, all of that hard work goes out the window if a player does not have their best grip on their stick. The moment any extra slip or unwanted movement of a players hands occur, that player loses performance! So, our White Lacrosse Grip Tape provides the grip for you. Because of this, it helps players "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter!" The benefit of Optimum Grip will help players gain relaxation in their muscles! This relaxation will increase a players range of motion and flexibility! Those increases will then translate into more fluidity in their movements, which increase their stick control, shot accuracy and shot speed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ciara Davenport

amazing! i showed it to all my friends as well as coaches and they love it too.

Magen Cosman
Great Tape!

This was our first time taping our stick and it was easy and seamless! Will def be buying more!

Tim Soha
Best Grips!!

I bought these grips for my son a few years ago when lax con was in Philly. He loved them! My son is starting the season with both sticks wrapped and ready to go. Great product!

Joseph Tuohey
Top Notch!

RJ, this product is awesome. I have three lax playing boys and they each love their Vukgripz! We are now repeat customers and will continue to support this product. As a coach, I will also recommend to my players. Thanks!

Bill R
great grip for lax

Great grip without being sticky or tacky. Much better than using regular tape and having to strip down and reapply every 2 months.