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  • VukGripz Prowler Pink Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves
  • VukGripz Prowler Pink Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves with Black Grip Material
  • VukGripz Prowler Pink Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves
  • Baseball batting Gloves, Softball Batting gloves, batting gloves baseball
  • Baseball batting Gloves, Softball Batting gloves, batting gloves baseball
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Prowler Pink Batting Gloves

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$44.99 USD

Why are the Prowler Pink Batting Gloves Different?

VukGripz developed award-winning, Prowler Pink Batting Gloves that has changed the way players grip their bat! Our American Made gripping power on the palms gives players the ability to "Grip Lighter - Holder Tighter" more with our technology! 

How can these Prowler Pink Batting Gloves increase my Exit Velocity?

The philosophy behind our Prowler Pink Batting Gloves is our technology on the palm! We are the first company to focus on Grippy, instead of stick, tacky coatings that enhance grip. Those sticky coatings are only on the top layer of alternative, pink batting gloves. After short use, that coating gets worn out and loses its enhancement. With VUK, our Grippy is built into the entire pad. So, after extended use, players will still get to benefit from the gripping power of our white batting gloves! Because of the enhanced gripping power of VukGripz, players will be able to get the bat further out in their fingers! But, they will be able to "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter," which increases a player's relaxation in their muscles! Increased relaxation will give players more flexibility and range of motion! Both of those will help players gain natural whip and control! Both of those factors are exit velocity!


Sizing our Prowler Pink Batting Gloves is easy with our sizing chart! With our heavy-duty leather and strong stitching, our gloves are made snug. So, bumping up to the next size isn't a big jump! Be sure to measure from the tip of your middle finger down to where your hand meets the wrist! We take it a step further and have you measure the width as well (cross the hand)! Although we use the same leather as our Howler Batting Gloves, the Howler model uses a stretchy backing on the entire back of hand. Whereas, the these Pink Batting Gloves have leather on the back of hand. 

Pink Leather with Pink and White Features is straight fire!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grant Carrigan
Top notch service as always, but keep improving the product

We've been buying Vuk products for probably 2 years now, with RJ and the small but mighty Vuk crew always providing top notch service. When I say they go above and beyond, I mean it- be it to make something right with a product that wasn't perfect, or to find you product that was sold out online but they took one more look and found what I needed in the size that I needed, to surprise my kid with something he'd asked for specifically. I otherwise wouldn't have been able to get, for certain. My son's rocked probably 5 pairs of Vuk gloves and loves the look and the feel, and as a pitcher, he loves the additional grip they provide when combined with the tape, without having to mess with pine tar or other sticky substances. Only issue is, as he grows and gets stronger, the palms are lasting shorter and shorter amounts of time. The products are innovative, the people are fantastic, and it's a home grown business - what's not to love? I'm hoping that as time marches on, the gloves continue to improve to where the palms (where the grippy "fingers" are) can be beefed up and given a little more durability.

Amy Bird
Love VukGripz Batting Gloves

I have used your batting gloves for the last few years. I love them!! I also use your bat grips. The only issue I have with the pink ones is that my left hand is completely stained pink after wearing them. I play double headers for league and wear the left one from start to finish under my mitt. But it washes off when I'm in the shower. Amy

Duane Rucker
Nice Gloves

I have been purchasing Vukgripz for quite sometime now and I have to say that those grips and gloves are legit :) the pink gloves are dope as well even though They're out of the XL Pink bat grips at the moment, I believe that Vukgripz is where it's at.

Jose Caraballo
Nice stock

Nice batting glove, perfect to hitting on rain day.