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Pink Hockey Tape

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Pink Hockey Tape Features:

Pink hockey tape that is more similar to a hockey grip in function! Don't let our pink hockey stick tape fool you!

  • This is hockey friction tape with award-winning technology because of its slip resistant properties.
    • Slip resistance allows hockey players to have less grip pressure, while maintaining a strong hold on their stick handle.
    • Lighter, hold pressure allows our gripping material to work for the player's muscles by increasing relaxation in their hands, wrists, arms and upper body!
    • Increasing relaxation in those areas with our pink hockey grip tape will provide more range of motion!
    • Adding range of motion in your joints allows players to be more fluid on the ice! If they become more fluid, they will naturally be able to control their stick better whether they are passing, shooting or defending! Plus, they will also be able to create more whip during their slap shot to increase their shot spot!
  • Adds finesse to a player's game!
    • Gaining a better grip will allow players to have a better "feel" on the stick. A better feel can be used for wrist shots and for placing a strong slap shot in top corner of the net!
    • Hockey stick finesse will also help players with catching a puck, passing to a teammate and winning more face-offs!
  • Thin like athletic tape
    • We refer to VukGripz as a hockey grip. But, we don't want that phrase to make you think we have thick hockey tape. Thick grips are similar to Lizard Skins Hockey Grip Tape. It is actually very thin like Howie's hockey tape!
    • Thin doesn't mean "not durable." Because we increase the friction, we decrease the slip between your hockey glove and hockey stick! So, it should help the longevity of our pink hockey stick tape and your hockey glove palms!

Made in the USA!

Excitement hardly describes the phrase above! We are astounded to be able to make American Made Hockey Tape and Hockey Grips! We are the first company in the world to make an American Flag Hockey Tape that is American Made! Now, you may be thinking that some other tapes may be made in the USA! But, because VukGripz can actually be considered a hockey grip too, we fall under this category! Again, our motto is Grippy! And, we do believe we have the best hockey tape in the business! Here is an article that talks about "The 6 Best Hockey Tapes of 2020." Obviously, the writer has yet to see all the reviews on our products, But, they have also not yet tested our products! So, with your help, we will get to the top of that list in no time!